Our Home Education in April

Our Home Education in April

Welcome to my review of what our Home Education journey looked like in April.

As ever, I don’t pretend to be an expert and this is very much our home education journey, and our approach is unique to us. Home Educators take many different approaches and there is no right or wrong; it’s whatever suits individual families and their circumstances.


I feel April has been a good month. We have found a couple of things that work for us and that the children enjoy and I can really see what the learning has been this month. I think we have had some lovely days together and I hope that we are now moving into the better weather. April’s highlight was our trip to London.


  • Reading as ever has formed a large part of our month and D is demonstrating an ever-increasing confidence with his reading
  • Visited the library a few times this month and gained their 8th certificate for the Book Start Bear challenge (they get a certificate every 6 visits)
  • Have been working through the Sassafras Science zoology book (deserts this month) and both D and E have been writing for this – both their handwriting is improving and I’ve noticed D is getting more confident with spelling now too
  • They received penpal letters this month and D read his independently and they have been planning their return letters
  • Panda Post has been a regular feature here and one that D looks forward to each week.
  • Wrote up London postcards following our trip there – D was able to recall our first visit in 2017 and our recent one and compare them.
  • Both wanted to write to Atlas and Geo (characters from their monthly Geo Journey pack) to tell them about their cable car visit whilst away.


  • E has been working her way through various maths workbooks – she loves doing these
  • D has continued with his Maths No Problem! workbooks – we are almost at the end of Book 1. I think in some parts it’s too easy for him which is probably why we haven’t cracked on with it – but I’m going to try and get that first book finished and move us onto the next book soon. We are doing addition and subtraction within 20 and counting back from 20 too.
  • Baking – they’ve helped me measure ingredients
  • Played with tangram puzzles
  • looked at number patterns
  • Created a magnetic bullet train using our magnet toys. There was lots of practice making 3d shapes with this and making sure it all matched up

Understanding The World

  • We have had plenty of time out exploring and planting seeds and sorting the garden
  • Experiments looking at giraffe saliva and lizard eggs
  • Learnt magnet toys.
  • Made electric circuits using playdoh
  • Visited London and had lots of talk about the things we saw and touched on some history with them too
  • Lots of talk about navigating the Tube and how to read the map
  • Chat about the monarchy following the birth of the new royal baby

Art & Design

As ever this has been constant – E will draw and paint regularly and once we sort the new furniture in our dining room I hope they will be able to access the art stuff much easier. We made desert silhouette pictures which were fun and they’ve all been busy colouring and drawing and creating.

D has been playing lots with the magnetic toys that we have building complex structures. He has also been thoroughly absorbed in Lego and has enjoyed building with them. We also attended the monthly Lego club at the local market which was much fun.

D has also been keen to keep up his recorder playing (our music teacher is on maternity leave so our lessons have ceased for now.

Physical Development

We do this in spades – regular PE classes where they get to try all manner of things as well as weekly football classes when the weather permits. We then stay in the park to play with friends which is always fun.

We have, last week, started a new swimming session and we have been hunting for painted rocks in the local parks. We have walked around London and we have had fun scootering and attended weekly gymnastics classes.

For more fine motor development we have been playing with playdoh, making cakes and decorating biscuits. We have had endless play with Duplo and lego. They’re had fun cutting and glueing and making all sorts of things.

Other Bits & Bobs

This month we rejoined a classical conversation class run by another home educating parent – it’s an American curriculum but one that works well for D and E. I plan to write more about it in due course.


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