Tech Will Save Us : Review

Tech Will Save Us : Review

I wrote a short while ago about our STEM fair and the project that we did on electricity. D is really interested and intrigued by electricity and circuits so when I received an email from Tech Will Save Us, offering us the chance to review an Electro Hero Kit I knew it would be great for us.

The kit arrived and a day or two ago we set about taking a look at it. Thankfully the kit comes with batteries included – all you need to add is a couple of tubs of playdoh (and there is also a recipe available for how to make your own).

tech will save us review electro hero

I opened the package and navigated to the website provided. I accessed via my phone and once you’ve filled in a quick registration you’re given some missions to complete.We set about doing the Hulk Smash mission and the children enjoyed using the tools to build the bricks. We then connected it all up and smashed down the wall – the sounds are fantastic and the children loved it.

electro hero kit

I asked D if he knew why and how the machine was making noises (ie: when the hulk fist meets the wall the circuit is completed) and he wasn’t sure so we did it slowly and he soon grasped the idea. We then made up some different things with the play-doh and completed circuits with it.

We then moved onto the Iron Man task – this involved using LEDs. We were less successful with this one initially – most probably as H was distracting me and I wasn’t able to concentrate fully, but we got there eventually and it was worth the effort to get it right.

tech will save us review electro hero

The online guide is really good and clear and children would be able to follow the instructions independently if they wanted to. There are also explanations about the types of circuits they are creating as well as some questions to get them thinking too.

I left the kit out and both D and E had fun playing around with the moulds to make different things and then playing around with the power box to make it generate sound or lights.

There’s a lot of scope with this kit and I am sure we will use it a lot more in the future as we get further into work on circuits.

Tech will save us have some fabulous kits available, and from today until Sunday (27/04/2018 – 29/04/2018) there’s 10% off any kit with the code infinitywar10 – I’m really impressed with these kits and I’m sure they’ll be another one added to our collection when we get to birthdays later this year.


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