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Let them be small is a parenting blog written and managed by me, Sarah. It started as a blog about life with my son, then to document my second pregnancy and then about the whirlwind that is life with two under two and then again as we welcomed our third child in June 2016. It’s developed over the past few years into a blog about the things we get up to, the places we visit and the activities we share.

Damian and I live in Manchester with Daniel, (born October 2012) Emma, (born February 2014) and Harry, (born June 2016).


We are keen to encourage a childhood of fun and to, simply ‘let them be small’ and allow the three of them to do the things small people can do and try to protect their childhood for as long as we can. As a stay at home mum I am keen to give them lots of experiences and use their interests to help teach them about the world. On my blog you will find information on days out that we have been on, activities we have done, books we have read and our attempts at arts and crafts. We live in Greater Manchester so always have lots of wonderful places to go.

Pre children I worked as a Civil Servant which has given me an insight into a range of things but it’s not a life I can ever imagine returning to now – if and when I return to work I doubt it will be in an office job.

When I get chance I love reading, crafting and taking long hot baths! Unfortunately I never seem to get time to do any of those things, but have a list of books to read and things to make that is continuously growing.

The children are real whirlwinds of energy and can usually be found with heads in a book or playing with the crafts and activities we have set up for them or simply being children, exploring the world at their own pace in their own way.

We are open to offers for product reviews, days out and events, if they fit with the content and theme of my blog and are of interest to my readers. I am happy to work with companies for sponsored content and a media pack is available on request.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me via the contact form below or please do email me – sarah@letthembesmall.com or head over to twitter or Facebook for a chat.






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