Our April Reading Shelf

Our April Reading Shelf

I’ve not posted a bookish update for a while; not because we haven’t been reading, because of course, we have, but more there’s been so many great books it’s been tough to whittle it down to the best ones!

Daniel is ever increasing his reading ability and is able to pick up most things and read; although he will often tell me he can’t read as he still very much enjoys being read to, which is of course more than fine with me, I am sure I will miss those afternoons curled up on the sofa reading together when they are finished; but I thankfully have many more years of it ahead!

I’ve decided to choose each of the three children’s top three books this month, as well as share a little about the books I have been reading.

What I Read

I’ve been mostly reading ‘trashy’ novels this last month and I’ve got through so many books that I’ve stopped keeping track now. I’m currently partway through a Jo Nesbo book and another easier and lighter read about a woman who moves her family to start a new life; it’s quite funny and is a nice easy read.


On Daniel’s Bookshelf

Mr D is really into The Beano at the moment and will read the annual we bought him at Christmas every day. I find it hard to read The Beano aloud to him, so I am thankful that he is able to read it himself!

He has also really been enjoying The Big Red Rock. This is a simple picture book that tells the story of Big who finds a big red rock blocking his way. With various friends, they manage to work their way around the rock…. it’s a simple but fun story and both the older two children love it.

He is also enjoying another picture book called The Very Long Sleep which is all about a set of animal friends moving in together, except only one doesn’t hibernate. It’s a great story and a simple way to talk about the changing seasons and why some animals hibernate.

We have also been to the library a couple of time and D picked up The Great Moon Confusion. This is a story about the animals who spot that the moon is disappearing….and nicely explains by the end about the different phases of the moon. We are big moon fans here and have some fabulous moon themed books, but this one has really captured D’s imagination.


On Emma’s Bookshelf

As well as enjoying the books above, E has had some firm favourites of her own this month. She isn’t reading yet and is very firmly enjoying being read to. I enjoy Tuesday evenings when H has gone to bed and D is out at swimming lessons as it’s a time that allows E to choose her books without D complaining and choosing his own. She has enjoyed a book called How The Borks Became which is a fab introduction to the concept of evolution. It’s rhyming text and bright fun illustrations have really grabbed her attention. It’s been a good way to introduce ideas of difference to her.

She is ever interested in letters and has most of her initial sounds sorted now and some early blends as well. I’ve found her quite often leafing through the ABC books that we have around the house and she found one called ABC Mindful Me. She’s enjoyed looking through this and it’s a nice easy rhyming book to read. Its introduced some ideas to her too about being thankful and kind and having gratitude.

And finally, this month for E we have been continuing our love of mermaids and have been reading the book Is it a Mermaid? which is actually all about a dugong. This is a great book about kindness and linked a lot to our recent fundraising efforts for endangered animals. It’s a fun read and one that we’ve shared a lot this last couple of months.

On Harry’s Bookshelf

H has really got into reading in the last couple of months and there are some real firm favourites appearing. The number one book is the classic Oh Dear! and he loves to pull back the flaps and make the noise for the animal hiding behind. It’s such good fun for him and he is always sat reading that book every morning whilst I get ready. It was one of the first books I bought when I was pregnant with D, so it holds a special place in my heart.

He’s also enjoying the That’s Not My Books – he likes the Penguin and Fairy versions and has endless fun looking for ‘mou’ whilst putting his hands up as if to say ‘where’s the mouse?’.

Finally, he has also enjoyed the Zeki Gets a Checkup book. I like this series of books from Alanna books as they’re a bit of a cross over from board books to soft back picture books; the pages are all sturdy with nice rounded corners and it really helps that transition. The stories are always relatable for the children, and I know we will be looking at this a lot more once H turns two and prepares for various health checks.


So, they’re our favourites books – to keep an eye on the other great reads we have been sharing this month please do follow our new Instagram feed dedicated to all things bookish.


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