Our Home Education in February

Our Home Education in February

Last month I wrote about what home education had looked like for us in January, and I wanted to do the same for February.  It’s been a good month and I feel like we have achieved more this month. I’m looking forward to the warmer weather which will, surely, soon be upon us!

It’s important to note that this is our home education journey, and our approach is unique to us. Home Educators take many different approaches and there is no right or wrong; it’s whatever suits your family and your circumstances. This is only the things that I have recalled as I’ve glanced through the diary for the month; there’ll be many more things that I have missed or forgotten in the passage of time.

So… this is how our February looked.


Like last month, there have been some really frustrating times, but I feel things have been more settled, at least in the middle part of the month. We have had a lot of time out with friends and it has been good to have a think about what I want to tackle with D in the coming months. I’m not sure we have found a particular rhythm to our days as yet, but we are getting there.


D has continued with his reading and Reading Chest has been great for him. He has read a lot of books this month!

Other literacy activities included:

  • One-Third Stories – listening to the audio for all three of the boxes we have at the moment and beginning to read some simple Spanish words.
  • Library storytime visits as well as a few general library visits
  • Endless games of i-spy whilst we are in the car – D is getting so much better at spelling now and discriminating the sounds in words
  • Electricity lapbook – writing
  • Geography lapbook – writing about where we live and completing the ‘trekkers’ puzzle book
  • Reading Eggs
  • Wrote thank you to our music teacher who went on maternity leave
  • Superhero lapbook – inspired by Juniper Jupiter
  • Weekly Panda Post


  • E has continued working through the workbooks which she enjoys, focussing on colour and shape
  • Maths No problem books – we are working on number bonds and addition to 20 at the moment
  • E has been playing with a spirograph she got for her birthday – lots of talk about pattern and shapes
  • lots of imaginative play – shops have been a fave theme so we have talked about price, adding and subtracting etc
  • Weighing items whilst in the supermarket -understanding the different weight measurements such as lbs and ounces or kilograms
  • lots of building with lego and duplo
  • built a gymnastics ‘stage’ which they had done symmetrically. We talked about symmetry etc
  • Telling the Time activities

Understanding the World

  • Spanish lessons
  • Visit to Portland Basin
  • Fire Station visit arranged by another Home Ed parent; this included a fire safety talk and a tour of the fire engine
  • We visit Elland Road Steam Museum
  • Electricity – how this has changed things in the home. Discussed how the home would have looked in the past compared to today
  • Watched the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony
  • Chinese New Year craft session organised at a friends’ house
  • Electric Lemon experiment – how is energy stored and how do we convert it for use
  • Letterbox Lab

Art & Design

  • Lots of drawing and painting
  • lots of play-doh modelling
  • Spirograph
  • Music lessons
  • Cutting and glueing

Personal, Social & Emotional

We have covered this in lots of ways including their regular groups with both home ed and non-home educated children. We have met up with friends and attended a Chinese New Year craft session at a friend’s house.

We also met with friends in the park to mark E’s fourth birthday so they got to have lots of fun running around with them.

Communication & Language

I have noticed that the children are increasingly confident in talking to other adults. At Messy Church both D and E were keen to tell the organiser that Damian had come that week and were both at the front when it was time to share their makes with everyone else.

We have noticed a change in the way D expresses himself, and he does come out with some funny phrases now and then!

Physical Development

  • Weekly PE classes
  • Weekly Football – although some of these have been cancelled due to half term and weather
  • Weekly Gymnastics (twice a week for E)
  • Weekly Swim lessons
  • We have also had a few hours in the park with friends to mark E’s birthday
  • Visit to Bramhall Hall – lots of running around!
  • Snowy walks and snowball fights
  • Park visit on the scooters and trying out the scooter ramps
  • Soft play with friend

On the more fine motor skills, we have been doing lots of:

  • writing and drawing
  • playing with plasticine and playdoh
  • painting
  • lego building
  • Simple sewing activity

Other Bits & Bobs

There’s been a lot of imaginative play this month; be it cafe and shops at home or jewellers with my parents. They are both developing their imagination rapidly and it’s funny to listen in on their conversations sometimes. H is also increasingly forcing his way into their games which is always fun to observe.

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