Learning About Egypt

Learning About Egypt

In a rather serendipitous way, we have had a number of different projects and areas of work all turn to looking at Egypt over the last week or so. I’d like to say it was all good planning on my part, but in reality, it wasn’t – just a happy coincidence.

Our first bit of Egypt based learning was through the Geo Journey box. I’ve written more about these subscription boxes here. We have had a France one and them an Egyptian one. The children really enjoyed this Egyptian one – and the pyramid dig took them ages so bought me time to play with H uninterrupted!  The Egyptian box was great and covered lots of the main facts about the pyramids, writing, food and some cultural stuff and we added in some lapbook style things too from Home School Share – we used the ‘where in the world’ sheet and the time difference one as well as some other bits and pieces. The children had great fun doing the activity book and they really enjoyed breaking the code to work out the words – these are always fun for them.

geo journey

I was impressed with this months’ offering – there was a lot for me to work with and to extend the letter from Atlas and Geo into.

This was a well thought out box and we have spent a couple of sessions working through it. We just have some stickers left to pop into the travel book and we are done… ready for Atlas and Geo’s next letter.

In addition to the Geo Journey boxes we have been working our way through the Sassafras science book about Zoology – this was recommended to us by our friend Emma (who you should go and follow on Instagram for some really great Home Ed ideas). We had worked through the first section which was all about the African Grasslands and found ourselves in the Egyptian Desert. The work we have been doing on this combined with the Geo Journey box has been really good and helped to tie it all together for D and E.

We are only onto the first part of this chapter so I’m planning a few more Egypt and desert themed – I’ve got a few bits ready to go from Activity Village and I’m having a think about a tuff spot themed activity for all three children (any suggestions welcome please!)

When we finish off the stickers for the Geo Journey box this week I think we will also finish off our lapbook too. So far we have included:

  • Egyptian flag
  • Map of where in the world Egypt is
  • Time difference clocks

I plan to include:

  • Fold out with information on the capital city, population, language and currency
  • pictures of the Sphinx and pyramids
  • map showing where the Nile flows to

We might also have a go at drawing some of the hieroglyphs too.

geo journey


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