Our Home Education in March

Our Home Education in March

Welcome to my review of what our Home Education journey looked like in March.

As I’ve noted before, D would be reception aged and, reception (in England) sees children complete the Early Years Foundation Stage so I will group our activities under those headings.  I don’t have any real regard to these day to day, but it’s a good way to group the things we do into a way that has some sort of meaning.

It’s important to note that this is our home education journey, and our approach is unique to us. Home Educators take many different approaches and there is no right or wrong; it’s whatever suits individual families and their circumstances.


I think it’s fair to say March was characterised by bad weather and it felt like the spring was taking an awfully long time to battle away the winter! It does, however, feel like we had a productive month and we have tried lots of new things and had some nice days out with friends too.


  • Working on handwriting with D – practising individual letter formation as well as general writing about the things we are doing
  • Wrote up display for the STEM fair as well as planning our circuit diagrams
  • E wrote thank you cards following her birthday.
  • We have been looking at the Good and The Beautiful and have been dipping in and out of a curriculum that looks at English. I have been doing some sight words stuff with D as well as spelling, which has in turn thrown up some areas he is less confident within his reading.
  • Played with Story Cards that I picked up whilst on offer in Aldi at the start of the month. E is particularly good at these and has come up with a few really good stories using the cards as prompts.
  • D has really been enjoying his Reading Chest Books and I’ll be sorry to see this subscription end in the next couple of weeks. It’s been brilliant for getting D motivated with a range of books
  • Talked about the idea of vowels and whether they making long or short vowel sounds
  • Lots of visits to the library
  • Writing letters to a new PenPal


  • D helped E build her birthday lego – lots of problem-solving as they worked out where the pieces went
  • E has enjoyed using her spirograph and we have talked about how the repeating patterns make nice pictures
  • D has continued with Maths No Problem! I enjoy the format of these and he is now just over halfway through the first book. We dip in and out of these a couple of times a week and do the work little but often. E works through some other more basic workbook style things and has done a lot on shape this month
  • Place value – D has become more aware of how things progress eg; hundreds, thousands etc
  • Lego club – we love this and try to get along once a month to one of the lego clubs in the area.
  • We made lots of Hama bead creations – this was great for reinforcing ideas about patterns
  • Baking cakes – measuring out ingredients
  • Made tandoori chicken – lots of measuring of ingredients
  • We have been playing a new game called ‘guess the number’  – one player chooses a number and another guesses, with the only clues being higher or lower.
  • Spanish number practice

Understanding the World

Art & Design

  • Went to see the Halle Orchestra play – this was wonderful
  • Playing the recorder – practising the notes we have learnt
  • Lots of playdoh
  • Crafts at Easter themed meet up
  • Easter crafts at home including stained glass window, bookmarks etc
  • Painting and drawing
  • Hama bead designs
  • Making Cheetah masks

Personal, Social & Emotional

We have covered this in lots of ways including their regular groups with both home ed and non-home educated children. We have met up with friends and attended Easter themed sessions with home ed friends and at local churches.

We have had fun exploring a new park with friends and have been out looking for painted rocks with friends too.

Communication &  Language

Both D and E continue to be confident conversing with other adults and they’re able to tell my parents some of the things they’ve been learning. When we held our fundraising coffee morning they were both confident and able to tell their guests what they were raising money for and why.

When we posted our penpal letters D was happy to take the lead and ask the lady in the Post Office to post it to America and didn’t need any support or reassurances from me.

Physical Development

We do this a lot. Both D and E continue with their PE and football groups which run in term time. They also both go to swimming classes and E has moved up a class this month, much to her delight. They both also continue with gymnastics and enjoy that lots too.

Other things we have done include walks in the woods with my Dad, trips to local parks and playing out in the snow, although they were both soon fed up with the snow!

Other Bits & Bobs

There’s been a noticeable change in H and him joining in with D and E. He will not be left out and it’s every day I find them playing some game together; H loves sorting things into bags and boxes so they tend to set him off with a task whilst they get on with whatever their game is.

We are really enjoying the Sassafras zoology book and I think this is something we will continue doing a couple of times a week over the coming months as both D and E are really engaged with this, and it’s been a great way for me to get their handwriting practice in.



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