Magnet fun with GeoMags

Magnet fun with GeoMags

I am a big fan of construction type toys – they often offer endless possibilities for imaginative play and learning.

The children have been enjoying playing with two geo mags sets that we have been sent to take a look at; one of the geomags panel sets and the second is a much more intricate mechanics set.

If you’ve not come across the world of GeoMags before then you really should check them out. They combine the magnetic rods with the steel spheres (think larger ball bearings) with the bright and transparent panels to enable children to make more solid structures, meaning that ever bigger models can be built. The various pieces offer a lot of opportunity for creative play and I know we have only just begun to scratch the surface of what we can do with this toy set.

geomag panels review

I opened these up for the children then left them to explore the pack. The panel set comes with a lot of magnetic rods and D and E spent a lot of time playing with the magnets; lining them up and seeing how long they could make the line of magnets. They started adding some of the ball bearings on and looked at how they could use the plastic panels. I explained how they’d help make their building solid and we have had a play with setting up some simple shapes before investigating the mechanics set.

child playing with geomag panels set

The mechanics set is really exciting and, whilst the suggested age is 5+ I think it was just that little bit ahead of where D is at at the moment and is one to use when your child is a little more used to building with the GeoMag panels. We looked at the suggested builds and, together, D and I managed to build one. This is really neat and there’s a lot to explore here. If you set the magnets right you can get the two sections to spin as the magnets repel each other. This was quite tricky to set up and I don’t think D, at 5, would have been able to manage this one on his own. Admittedly it wasn’t helped by having a heavy-handed toddler around as well, but even so, it was fiddly in stages to get things balanced and connected just so. Damian has enjoyed getting this set out once the children have been in bed and had a play with it, and I think once we have mastered it a bit more we’ll be able to help D and E a bit better.

children playing with geomag mechanics set

I like the geomag sets a lot – there’s a lot here that will see the children through the next few years. At the moment my oldest two are just building quite simple and basic structures but there is a lot they can do with these as they explore it more and their dexterity and manipulation of the magnets gets better. I think this is something we will explore a lot more in the coming months as they get used to manipulating the rods and spheres and learning better how to snap the panels into place to create bigger and taller structures.

geomag mechanics

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We were sent these GeoMag sets in exchange for a review.



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