A Family Trip To London

A Family Trip To London

Last year we managed to get some super cheap train tickets to London so the five of us headed down there for a couple of days. The children had an absolute ball so when I saw the offer on again, I was quick to snap up tickets for us.

We grabbed return tickets for a bargain (just £55 for all five of us) and booked a cheap hotel in Paddington. We didn’t have a plan really other than to head down and see how the day took us. As it turned out the weather was on the warm side so we decided when we arrived to grab a sandwich to eat before heading over to London Bridge to take a walk up to Tower Bridge; an area we hadn’t visited last year.

We had a good walk along the Thames to Tower Bridge and the children soon spotted an ice cream van, so we had a stop for an ice cream which they all enjoyed before heading up along Tower Bridge across to Fenchurch Street via the Tower of London. We had booked tickets for The Sky Garden which is a great place to visit (and even better it’s free). We were particularly lucky as we had such a clear day and the views out across the city were fantastic. We had a wander around before heading back down and out to get a bite to eat. In the lift on the way down we over heard a Spanish family so D was happy to practice his Spanish briefly.

We had pizza before making our way to Paddington, which of course included a stop at the statue on platform 1 of the famous bear. We then made it to our hotel where we all promptly fell asleep.

After breakfast the next morning we decided to head out to Greenwich to go on the Emirates Cable Car. I’m not a fan of cable cars in the slightest, but the children were super excited to go on it. They loved looking out over the river and it was interesting listening to the information video too. I also manage to get my new favourite picture of the children which I have just ordered as a canvas from CanvasChamp. – as an aside their website is super easy to navigate and it didn’t take long at all to get the print ordered.

After the cable car we headed to Leicester Square and to the Lego shop – which for D was heaven! There are some impressive Lego structures in there it had to be said and we spent a good while having a look around. The children chose a London Bus and London Guard Lego set to make up at home, and we then headed over to Piccadilly Circus and stopped off to get a sandwich.

Once we had eaten we walk up to Trafalgar Square and took in the sun – the Square looked like it was being set up for some St George’s Day celebration and by this point it was getting pretty hot so after a short break we walked over to Charing Cross and took the underground back to Euston.

The children had a really good time I think, and we managed to see a lot again this time around after doing most of the major spots last year. I hope when we get time to look at the map this week and do some follow-up stuff they’ll be able to recall the things they saw this trip as well as the trip last year.

It was a long and tiring couple of days but we saw so much and had a really fun time. I can’t wait to take the children away again in the summer for a longer break.


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