Health & Fitness Plans

Health & Fitness Plans

One of the things I have enjoyed the last couple of months is getting back into a fitness ‘regime’ of sorts. I did a six-week course with a personal trainer which I really enjoyed doing and have managed to improve my fitness and shed the bit of weight I wanted to lose.

My fitness plans have fallen away a little in recent weeks – the cold dark nights plus what seems like a spate of never-ending illness from the five of us means I’ve just not had the time, energy or motivation to get up and out in the evening. I know this is a common thing at this time of year when there are so many other things to sort out for Christmas and the such.

Looking into 2018 I am hoping to get back into long walks with the children – we have had so much illness since October that getting out into the fresh air has been very hit and miss; I am thankful for their weekly PE and football sessions as it at least means we have some time outside in the park each week. I am hopeful that we will soon be back on a more even keel health wise we can so get out in the fresh air – something that always makes us all feel better. As much as I love cosy afternoons in front of the log burner I do find myself longing for those Spring days at the moment! I feel constantly cold and getting a little weary of the rain, snow and ice; I am keen to feel the warmth of the sun on my skin.

I am also keen to get myself back into swimming – although I will need a new swimsuit first (I really like these tankini style ones). The older two are progressing well with their swimming lessons and it’s lovely to see them gaining confidence in the water. I hope to get back to getting into the pool every now and then as it is such a good form of exercise and one that always leaves me feeling much better. I’m fortunate that there are a number of pools close by that I can get to.

underwater in a swimming pool - blue water

One final target to aim for in 2018 is to get back into running. I recently did a 10K to support my uncle who was doing a 24-hour run to raise money for Mission Christmas here in Manchester. I hadn’t done any proper running since before I was pregnant with Mr H so I was pleased that I managed to complete my own little slice of the event. The older two children have asked me a couple of times when I will do a race again, so I might look for a 10k to enter next year.

I find that when I make a conscious effort to exercise; be it out and about walking with the children or something like a Spin Class or getting into the pool, I always feel refreshed and more energised. It certainly helps improve my mood and gives me time to clear my mind of the day’s event.

Do you have any targets for 2018?


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