A Health & Fitness Wishlist

A Health & Fitness Wishlist

Over the weekend I wrote about my health and fitness plans for 2018 and it got me thinking about the things that might help with this – it’s always nice to have new gymwear to start the new year and I’ve lost enough weight now to warrant buying a few bits – I got some new running leggings not long ago but I am in need of new t-shirts/vest tops for the gym.

There’s something about a new year and new ‘stuff’ that gives that extra bit of motivation; both the children have had new coats recently and it makes them desperate to get outdoors to try them out to make sure they do keep them just as warm as they expect they will do. I think you never really grow out of wanting to try new stuff out.
Health & Fitness Wihs list

First up on my wish list is a new top or two for the gym – the ones I have at the moment are really much too big and I like the bright pink on this Adidas one.

Secondly, I really do need a new swimsuit, and I like the look of the Speedo ones – they are always well made and last so much better than the cheaper swimsuits you can get. I’m not sure what style I’ll go for as I do like the tankini style ones but might, instead opt for a more classic style. Either way, a new swimsuit is perfect for getting me back into the habit of going swimming because I’ll have to try it out!

I’m in desperate need of a new pair of trainers. We are lucky that there is a Reebok and Adidas factory store nearby and I really should pop in soon and replace my trainers. My running trainers are in good condition still as I look after them and only use them for running and the gym, but my everyday trainers are well past their best. I wear them a lot for chasing after the children when we are in the park or out walking so they do get a lot of use.  I might wait though until the dryer weather is here before I get a new pair.

When I go to the gym at the moment I use the children’s drinks bottles, they both have Klean Kanteens and as much as I love those, they are a bit heavy for carrying when I run. These Citrus Zinger Sports bottles look perfect for taking when I am off out and I like the colours of them too – something bright and cheerful to keep the mood bright!

Finally, I have been making the most of a battered old bag for far too long – it’s a backpack that I am pretty sure I have had since my college days and it’s been fixed up and repaired so many times now. It’s done sturdy service but I think it’s about time I treated myself to a new one for when I head to the gym or pool. I like the Fjallraven bags – they come in some fab and funky colours and look to be perfect for popping my gym or swimming gear into.


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