Introducing Mrs Wordsmith

Introducing Mrs Wordsmith

Our first term of home education has been going well, and I think we have settled into a nice rhythm in our day-day. Things are winding down now for us in terms of the formal ‘work’ but I have some plans for the new year and how we will tackle things.

We need to do a bit more with Mr D on reading; he is much better than he thinks he is at reading, but needs a bit of a nudge along sometimes. We have been concentrating a lot on Maths at their request and I want to continue that as both Miss E and Mr D are enjoying that and learning so much.

We also, of course, have our history project to do on the Romans, and I can’t wait to really get stuck into that as they both so very much enjoyed doing the Geography project in October. I have a few ideas for that which I need to do a little prep for.

One of the things that I want to do with the children alongside the reading is to help improve their vocabulary. We read a wide range of books and so they already have an impressive range of words for their age and stage, but it is something I want them to have good grasp of.

Mrs Wordsmith is a unique approach to helping children improve their vocabulary range. We have been sent the gift box which contains the entire subscription programme and already Mr D has been desperate to get stuck in!

mrs wordsmith christmas package

The box contains the six workbooks, six packs of cards and a binder to store the storytelling words in. It’s all super engaging and funky, which is to be expected when it’s illustrated by an Emmy award-winning artist (Craig Kellman – the artist behind the brilliant Madagascar).

We have only really leafed through the binder and the cards so far but already the children have found the pictures funny, and I am sure once we have shook these various sickness bugs that we seem to be suffering from and get the time to really get stuck in, the illustrations will prove memorable in helping the children link the words and their definitions.

mrs wordsmith christmas package

The theory behind Mrs Wordsmith is very interesting and involves language experts from Cambridge University who have mined the English language to find the 10,000 most relevant and challenging words. I’ve had a look through one of the card packs myself and there are plenty of words that I know I would benefit from learning the actual definition of rather than my guessed definition.

I think we will look to use this in a gentle way at the moment, as a bit of a change from the learning to read. Mr D is a perfectionist and gets frustrated when he doesn’t know a word, so introducing something we can all learn together will really help I think, and the cards will be a nice addition to our word wall I think.

mrs wordsmith christmas package

You can read more about Mrs Wordsmith here and if you want to order the gift pack then the final date for UK orders in time for Christmas is 20 December. There is also an option to take a six-month subscription too.

I’ll update more in the new year when we have really got stuck into this




  1. Pauline Healey
    14th December 2017 / 03:24

    All good Sarah, you must have lots of fun with these teaching aids xxx

  2. Pat
    28th May 2018 / 09:15

    These really really good Sarah. I’m sure Daniel will want to show them to us when he starts using them. X

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