5 Family Board Games To Buy This Year

5 Family Board Games To Buy This Year

We are big fans of board games here, and there’s always a game out and on the go, especially at weekends. The children got a lot of new board games this Christmas so I thought I’d share some of our favourites.

Bug Bingo

We have HUGE fans of the bingo games produced by Magma. They are super stylish so look fantastic but also really fun to play. We have four in the series (Bug, Bird, Monkey and Ocean) and the children love playing them. The premise is simple – choose a game board and as your creatures are called out, cover them up. Get a complete line and you win!

Daniel loves being the caller and it’s been a useful way to test out his decoding of words for some of the more complex ones. These are quality games that we have had for a year or so now and have been great fun. We also like to gift these games for birthdays too.

bird bingo game by magma

Hoppa Galoppa

Hoppa Galoppa is a game from Haba – if you’ve not seen Haba games then they’re well worth checking out. There are 12 hurdles that are set out on the table. You throw the dice and if the colours match the colours of the hurdles, your horse can jump them. Emma loves this game as does H and it’s a nice quick game to play and of course it helps younger children with their colour recognition. You can make the game longer by extending the course if the dice are thrown but you can’t move (move a starting hurdle to the end).

hoppa galoppa game by haba


I’ve written a more in-depth review of Numbugz here but I do like this game a lot as it’s so versatile. Daniel can be a little reluctant to play competitive games at times, but he likes some of the variations we can play with numbugz and it has a good educational side to it too.

The game is well crafted and it stores away simply in the drawstring bag and is handy for taking away too.

Dino World

This is another Haba game and one that Daniel got at Christmas. He really likes this game and the premise is simple but does require a little skill. There are five different dinosaurs in the box. The smallest dinosaurs are laid out in the forest (across the table!) and the players each get a set of other dinosaur cards, each slightly bigger, to hunt with.

The Dino World game box is placed stood up in the middle of the forest and, taking turns, each player places one of their hunter cards and has to push or flick it off into the forest below. If the card lands on a dinosaur smaller than it, it has successfully hunted and the player claims that card (leaving the hunter in the forest). Once all hunters have been played, the player with the more prey wins. Super simple but lots of fun!

dino world by haba

Snakes and Ladders

You can’t beat the classic games and Snakes and Ladders is a firm favourite here. We have two versions of it, a shorter one (the Orchard Toys Fairy Snakes and Ladders) and a really long version that seems to take us an age to play! Emma really loves this game, and it really is a timeless classic. The Orchard Toys version is a good one for Harry to join in with and it’s only 50 spaces long and so doesn’t take too long to play. The game board is bright and colourful, as you’d expect with Orchard Toys games, and we have enjoyed playing it since Emma got it at Christmas.


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