3 / 52

3 / 52

January seems to be zooming by – I can’t quite believe that we are into the last third of the month! It’s felt like we are being quite productive, I’ve been busy this week sorting out my clothes and getting rid of those things that I keep sorting and putting back, but not really ever going to wear again. In the spring I really need to buy some new items – my clothes are all much too big for me now so I need a few new t-shirts and will need new shorts/cropped jeans for the warmer weather.

I’ve also sorted out things like old bath towels – we seem to have lots of them but always using the same few. I’ve got four/five bags of things to drop in at the charity shops next week and I’m enjoying having a much clearer wardrobe and drawers now!

What I have read

I managed to finish The Accidental Beauty Queen by Teri Wilson. It was a really easy and fun read and I’ll look out for books by the author again in the future. I started another library book this week called If we’re not married by thirty and have been reading a few pages each night. I’ve been really working hard at the gym so as soon as I get in bed I’m soon falling asleep so I’m not very far into this book yet, probably about 60-70 pages in. It’s good so far and I hope to have it finished next week.

I’ve been reading lots of news online and was so inspired by Jasmin Paris and her ultra run. My uncle does ultra running so I have seen first hand how determined you must be and just how tough and demanding these events are. I’m totally in awe of her achievements.

Total books read this month: 2

the accidental beauty queen book

Where we have been

This week was all about the science fair. We had a fantastic time there and I’ve written more here about that. Next week we plan to get outdoors a bit more. We have one of our cats at the vet on Monday for his annual check and then once we have dropped him back home we are meeting with a friend at a local park for a wander around and a play.

Daniel has his second Beavers meeting and he came back so enthused by it all. I hope his enthusiasm continues as I think it could be a really good thing for him in the long term.

What we have watched

We finished Narcos: Mexico which was very depressing. I find the whole South America / USA drugs stuff fascinating and I hope to study it in more detail in the future when I get time(!).

We also watched the BREXIT vote as that came through, and the commentary afterward. I am not sure how I feel about BREXIT now if I’m honest; I mostly just feel very fatigued by it all and await with interest the coming week and the next round of deals and votes.

Miles Run

This week has been better for miles run – I managed a longer run last Sunday, as well as two short treadmill, runs in the week and the Park Run today. I manage to beat the PB today by 20 seconds and I’m chasing that sub 30 minutes target. Not sure when I’ll make it but I know the gym work I am putting in is really helping me to chase that time down.

Miles Completed this week: 11.67

Miles completed this month: 34.48

Miles left to target: 15.52


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