Making Maths Fun with Numbugz

Making Maths Fun with Numbugz

I’ve written a little before about how we were having some issues with maths and really struggling to get the basics right.

I like to try and do a bit of maths most days with the children, and we took a real back to basics approach with Daniel – trying to get the basics right before we moved on to more complex concepts.

Emma loves maths and is always asking to do maths each day. I wanted to get something that would see them playing maths games without really realising it. I did a bit of research online and came across two games, one called Plyt and another called Numbugz. We have been playing numbugz recently, and I thought I’d share our initial, early thoughts on it.

The numbugz is a bag of hexagonal tiles, each with a bug on one side and a number on the other. There are a number of games that can be played with the tiles, and we have only touched on a couple of them so far but I am impressed. The pack comes with instructions on how to play colonyz but there are many other games to play, and these are described and explained on the Plyt YouTube channel (Here is the Numbugz playlist). I found the colonyz game a bit difficult to get my head around for some reason, and I think it was a bit hard for the children initially. Daniel can be a bit resistant to playing games sometimes and Emma was struggling a little with the ideas.

I have since spent a bit of time looking at the YouTube videos and we have played Bondz. I really like this one and it’s a great game for practising number bonds; something we have really been working hard on this last term. Emma is getting quite good at her number bonds and Daniel is certainly getting faster at recognising and calculating number bonds.

We have also enjoyed playing Snakez – a bit like ‘play your cards right’ and you essentially create a snake with your chosen bugs, and then guess whether the next one is higher or lower than the one that precedes it. This will be a superb game for Harry when he gets better at his numbers (we have just learnt to count to ten). It’s also lots of fun, and a little frustrating when you turn over a three and guess higher, but then find the next bug is a one!

numbugz maths game

The numbugz are stored in a drawstring bag and this makes them perfect for taking out and about. As I mentioned, we have only just started scratching the surface of the games we can play but I’m excited to look at more games in the new year with them.

numbugz maths games

You can still order in time for Christmas – and would make the perfect gift.


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  1. Pat
    18th December 2018 / 16:29

    They look good.

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