Running with A Child’s Enthusiasm

Running with A Child’s Enthusiasm

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One of the things that most appealed to me when we looking into Home Education, was being able to follow with a child’s interest, when they wanted to and how they wanted to. I remember so many times in schools when we studied things that just didn’t hold an appeal for me, but did 12-18 months later and I wish I’d been able to follow that study then.

Over the last couple of weeks, Daniel has been following more and more of his interests and creating mini projects around them. One such project was following his love of football.

Now, this is a real bone of contention in our home. Damian, as those who know us in real life, is a big Manchester United fan and spends his weekend watching the football or travelling to various stadia to watch them play. My family, however, are equally as obsessive about Manchester City. Whilst Emma will cheer on United, Daniel is, at the moment, firmly in the blue half of the family.

One of his favourite players is Sergio Aguero and this was the inspiration for a project he undertook last week. He has a couple of books that I suspect I have shared on my Instagram at some stage. He has a fair few of the Matt & Tom Oldfield series of books that he got for his birthday and Christmas as well as a book we were sent before the World Cup last year – 40 Fantastic Footballers. These books are read on a regular basis and they formed the basis of his Aguero project.

He started by making up a folder, using blue and white card and proceeded to draw an Argentina flag. He then added various snippets of information that he has gleaned from his books and then asked me if we could print some pictures of Aguero to stick in. He added maps of Argentina and all manner of facts and figures about Aguero.

He worked on this for three days, at various stages and it was lovely to see him so enthusiastic with his writing and thinking about what he would include and where he would include it within his book.

It’s so easy sometimes to get bogged down in the detail; have we done enough maths and English. Have we covered off enough humanities work? Have they had enough time with friends? Sometimes it’s hard to let go and trust that all is well. Watching him work on this project and excitedly share with anyone who would listen was proof that, actually, sitting back and let them get on with their own thing is sometimes so so powerful.



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