All Aboard the Treasure Ship

All Aboard the Treasure Ship

I wrote a month or so ago how I was enjoying discovering some of the toys I’d not had in my own childhood, with Mr D and Miss E.

One of the things I remember from my Christmas mornings was my dad having to spend an endless amount of time sticking stickers onto toys that my brother had received.  Wanting to learn from that I decided that I would set up the latest toy for the children whilst they were in bed. There is nothing worse than trying to put something together and having the children badger you – they of course haven’t quite mastered being patient!

Sylvanian treasure ship

So… it was with much excitement that I set to making up the Sylvanian Families Adventure Treasure Ship. The ship comes with the main body of the ship, a bag with some others items to add on to it and two sheets of stickers,

sylvanian families treasure ship

It didn’t take me long at all to fit the various bits and pieces together. The stickers didn’t take too long either once I had worked out which ones went where. I think it probably took around 15-20 minutes to put it all together, so wouldn’t have been too long for the children to wait, but I am glad I did it the night before!

Sylvanian families treasure ship

It looks fab when it’s all together and there are lots of bits to look at and peek into- the pink ‘doors’ all have stickers underneath them and the children loved looking under these. When they saw the ship set up the next morning I told them it was a treasure ship and Mr D was looking all over for the treasure – he loved peeking under the doors to spot everything.

We only have one Sylvanian Family character at the moment, our lone rabbit did look a bit sad but the children soon added in some other people – it was a bit of a collection on there (in my mind the boat had ship wrecked on a long lost island and the islands inhabitants were excited to explore the boat….)

Sylvanian families treasure ship

There are some small accessories with this boat too; the treasure chest, a crown (hidden treasure) some binoculars (which are round rabbit’s neck in the above picture) and some shells which I have stuck to the boat. I’ve hidden the crown and binoculars for now as Miss E is still a little small and I’m bothered that she’ll try to eat them. However they did have fun finding the hidden treasure – initially I hid the shells on the rug (which we were pretending was the sand on the island they were ship wrecked on).

The children were super excited when they spotted this after breakfast in the morning and it’s great to see Mr D’s imaginative play starting to develop – I could hear him chattering away to his little sister telling him what the characters were doing. Poor E didn’t really get a look in with it. I wasn’t able to get any decent pictures of them playing with it as they were crowding it a little, such was their excitement. I really do need to get them some more Sylvanian Figures, I am thinking maybe a set each (and one for me….)

This is a lovely toy and one that I am sure the children will enjoy playing with for a long time to come.


I was sent this Sylvanian Families Ship free of charge in exchange for a fair and honest review. All words and opinions are my own.


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