Bury Light Night 2015

Bury Light Night 2015

Yesterday we headed north to the Bury Light Night. I had seen it advertised via Facebook and it looked like it might be worth a visit. The event ran from 6pm to 9pm so it meant that the children would be up a little later than usual – something I am paying for this afternoon! That said it was worth the trip.

Bury light night -  a great night out to explore light

The children and I headed up there a little earlier to avoid the traffic on the motorway (but still managed to hit a bit of traffic due to an accident). We parked up and headed out into Bury. There were some street performers so we had a little dance outside the bus station area as we listened to a band. We then met Damian who had got the metrolink after work.

We then headed to a chip shop for some food. The service was excellent and the food was great too. By this stage it was starting to get dark so Damian headed to drop his bags into the car before we walked around. It was really busy so I was glad he had taken his bag back – it meant he could carry Mr D as and when needed.  Miss E was on my bag in the Tula carrier.

The theme seemed to be Bees and there was an amazing display projected against the Castle Armouries building. This showed the bees collecting pollen from the flowers and the creating of honey. It really was excellent and very effective.

Bury Light Night 2015

We also popped into my favourite place, the Art Museum and they had a live drawing thing going on with some fabulous music which was also very loud – I’m not sure the children knew what it was all about as Miss E was pretty tired at this point as was Mr D who seemed a bit overwhelmed by it all.

Bury Light Night 2015

There was a hot air balloon outside the Transport Museum and we were lucky enough to see the steam train over at the East Lancs Railway which was preparing for a journey up to Rawtenstall. We were also very privileged to be asked it we wanted to get on the train and take a look; of course Thomas mad Mr D was straight up there and I somehow managed to squeeze up onto the engine with Miss E on my back!

Bury Light Night 2015

It was a great way for the town to showcase the many things that they have there. For example I lived in Bury for some time but have never been to the Transport Museum there. However, having popped in briefly last night I think we will be back there once half term has finished.

Keep your eye out for any future Light Night events in Bury – it’s worth a visit.  We arrived home around 8:45pm. Miss E was sound asleep whereas Mr D had kept himself awake. However after a story he was soon asleep.

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    • 28th October 2015 / 20:56

      thank you – it was well worth a visit x

  1. Pa
    17th October 2015 / 17:21

    Looks great. May give it a try next time x

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