Rattle and Rap review & a painted train

Rattle and Rap review & a painted train

When Daniel was recently really under the weather it was hard work getting him engaged in an activity. However, one Friday morning a copy of Rattle and Rap landed on the doormat and I knew straight away Daniel was going to love it.

Rattle and Rap Children's Book

The illustrations in the book are really bright and vibrant and really engaged Daniel – he had great fun pointing out the different colours of the train and the scenery. The book isn’t a story as such, more a picture book and words that suggest that noise of the train or the passengers etc.

It really is lovely and I liked that we could make up our own story about where the train might be going, and what the people might be seeing as the train made it’s journey.


Once we had read it we decided to make our own train. I had thought we might do a collage picture (to copy how the images in the book are created) but Daniel wasn’t really up for that so I drew a train onto some card and we painted it with the paint sticrattle and rapks.

Tigger had to join in too (I love how Daniel is starting to play with his soft toys and is always keen for them to join in – even if I do have to share my dinner with various stuffed Monkeys, dinosaurs and tiggers!!)

Daniel really liked doing this, and whenever he brings the book to me to read, he points out his train which is above the fireplace in our dining room.

There are more books in a similar design by Susan Steggall, and they really are lovely. I liked that she included pictures of people in wheelchairs and that this was done so naturally without it feeling forced. It’s good to have these sorts of images shared easily and naturally in children’s books.


rattle and rap Susan Steggall




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