Old King Cole – Activities

Old King Cole – Activities

Today was the first day of our World Nursery Rhyme week and that meant today was a morning of Old King Cole activities.

This isn’t a nursery rhyme we have sung before so the first thing I did was to find a YouTube recording that I could play. We also do a lot of signing so I found the signs for King, Pipe and Fiddler (as I didn’t know those) so I could sign them as we sang the song.

We then made some King’s crowns. We got out our trusty paint sticks and Daniel and I coloured some sugar paper in. Emma was happy to play with scrunched up sugar paper and some happy land people (that we said were the King and his fiddlers).

Daniel quite liked his crown, and was keen for Emma to have her own, so we soon made her one.

We then put the music back on again and had a dance to the song – which Emma really enjoyed and Daniel enjoyed jumping around (and burning off some energy!!).

When Damian came home from work Daniel was able to show him the sign for King which I was really pleased with so this will be a nursery rhyme we return to over the coming weeks as we embed the new signs into his repertoire.

Old King cole Activities


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  1. Pauline
    18th November 2014 / 17:00

    Excellent. Daniel loves making things, doesn’t ? It looks like good fun.

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