Colours, Numbers & Farmyard Fun

Colours, Numbers & Farmyard Fun

I wrote not so long ago about a wonderful collection of books from Priddy Books and I was thrilled when we were asked to take a look at some more.

We were sent three titles, Alphaprints 123, Farmyard Fun and Sneak a Peek Colours. All are very different and distinct but have the same great quality I have come to expect from Priddy Books – bright, bold and sturdy enough to withstand my toddlers!

Priddy Books Review

The Sneak-a-Peek Colours book has been the least popular of the three. I think that is in part because Daniel knows his colours already and Emma is yet to be able to vocalise her understanding of them. The book is lovely though and when I have got it out to read to them, they have both been engaged with it, they just haven’t chosen it off the bookcase themselves to read (unlike the other two books). It introduces a range of colours and asks the child to ‘sneak a peek’ through the hole to spot other things of the same colour. It’s interactive for Daniel, less so for Emma (of course I can tell her the things that match the colours).  The final page is a mirror and both the children enjoyed peering into that.

Sneak a peek colours book review

The book is a really sturdy board book, and, like all the Priddy books I have seen so far, is well thought out in terms of its design – it’s really bold and bright and in that respect engaging for the children. I’m not sure why they’ve not enjoyed this one as much, I really thought they would!

Farmyard Fun, however, has been a real hit with both Daniel and Emma. It is part of the Little Friends series, and I am sure we will be seeking out more from this series soon. The Little Friends spent a day at a family farm and see the farmer digging the fruit and vegetables, see the duck pond and pick fruit for the market as well as many other things. The pages are simply designed with bold, flat colours yet at the same time are packed with details to talk about. This book works brilliantly for both Daniel and Emma. They both enjoy hunting out the flaps to lift and discover what’s underneath. Emma is able to point out the animals she knows and Daniel can articulate more of what he can see in the pictures.

Farmyard fun book review

This has been a book I’ve had stored in my bag for when we are out and about, should I need to occupy them for a short while. It really is a beauty of a book and the flaps are surprisingly sturdy with plenty of them for small hands to hunt out. The illustrations are delightful and as I mentioned, Emma and Daniel have both poured over this so much – together and individually.

The final book, 123, is part of the amazing Alphaprints series. I am seriously in love with this series of books and have already been and popped a few more from the series onto the birthday and Christmas wish lists for them both. The concept is brilliant and the execution is superb. The book counts from 1 – 10 using fingerprints to create animals. Not only that but it uses other things too to add to the fingerprints. Daniel loves page 3 – the snails (of course) and we see bears made with donuts, turtles from bowls and lambs from cauliflowers.

alphaprints book review

It is simply amazing. The children love this book – it has been pulled from the bookcase virtually everyday for three weeks now and there is no sign of them boring of it. The pages are textured and Emma loves this. The text accompanying each number also rhymes, and rhymes well so they both enjoy listening to the rhythm of the book. Daniel is still busy learning his numbers – he can count (when he chooses too.. at the moment everything starts at nine for some reason….) and this has been a great aid in helping embed that learning. The full alphaprints range can be found here – I’m hoping to get the ABC one for Daniel in due course as I think it might be one that engages him in helping his letter recognition.

I really do recommend Priddy Books – I’ll certainly be looking to get these for friends and family with young children as they are super engaging and great fun.



  1. 4th August 2015 / 09:02

    Got to love a book with flaps in it – always a fav with Sprog #ToddlerApprovedTuesday

  2. Sara Handy Herbs
    4th August 2015 / 11:53

    I wasn’t familiar with these but I can see how fab they look. I will definitely look out for them. Thanks for sharing #ToddlerApprovedTuesday

  3. 4th August 2015 / 22:19

    Ooo not heard of these before and they all look fab 🙂 I especially like the last one with the finger prints too – would help Monkey with his counting and finger work!! That you for sharing xx #Toddlerapprovedtuesday

    • 10th August 2015 / 07:38

      the Alphaprints book is a fave here – it is out in the reading pile each day x

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