City of Salford 10KM 2015

City of Salford 10KM 2015

After the (relative) success of my We Love Manchester 10KM a couple of weeks ago, I have signed up to run the City of Salford 10km on 6 September.

I’d love to be able to complete the race in the 60 minute mark, but I think more realistically I will be around 65 minutes – an improvement of five minutes.

cityofsalfordThis time I will be far more prepared! I have been running regularly and have a plan of sorts to help increase my speed and stamina. Last night I set a new personal best for a 5KM (31mins 31 seconds) and I am able to run further each week (last week I managed over 13km).

I plan to run 3-4 times a week. One run will be a fast run – so looking to improve on that 5km time (I want to be below 30 minutes by the end of August) and one run a week will be a long run – hopefully up to 15kms by the end of August. One other run in the week will be the run I do with the SRC – four weeks in and I’m enjoying it, and all being well I should have my SRC tshirt next week so can wear that for the Salford 10km.

I find running really good for clearing my mind. It can be hard keeping up with the children and we have had a bad week with them the week before last (more on that another time though) and there is often a lot of things that need doing – be it things in the house, things on the blog or things to organise for the children. It’s good to get that time out in the fresh air to clear my thoughts.

Pre- children I used to run listening to music, but I struggle doing that now. It knocks my running off when the beats of the songs change. For a time I was listening to audio books but, at the moment at least, I am enjoying being out listening to the sounds around me, without words or music to accompany me. I think this might change in due course, but for now I am enjoying that time to myself. I might download some podcasts to listen to on those shorter runs.

I’m steadily losing weight. Not quickly (but then there isn’t much to lose) but the pounds and ounces are trickling away. I’m not too hung up on that at the moment. It will come in time, and I probably really need to be doing some weights work to target the areas I want to – something to look at in the coming weeks I think.

Now that running is becoming a more structured thing I am in need of some new kit… I am hoping to get my gait analysis redone soon (when funds allow for new running shoes). My beloved Nike Lunar Glides are no longer as comfortable as they once were, which I suspect has to do with their age as well as me having had two children since they were bought – I suspect the movements in my hips and pelvis due to giving birth have affected the way that I run – I can certainly feel that aches in my pelvis in a way I never used to!

I also want a couple more running tops as well as some cropped leggings – I have one top and one pair of leggings that are comfortable to run in, so need to invest in some more. I have bought some running socks from a company in Chester called tri-active.  I found them via the #ukrunchat hashtag on twitter. (these are the socks) as I was struggling with blisters – at one point I had over 10 across my feet. The socks seem to have done the trick and I’ve not noticed any new ones appear yet…..

So… what running kit (and companies) should I be looking at for the bits and pieces I want? I’ve not had much success yet finding running trousers that I like.



  1. 3rd August 2015 / 18:03

    good on yer for this

  2. Pat
    3rd August 2015 / 20:42

    You’re doing brilliant Sarah. Well done.

  3. 11th August 2015 / 01:50

    Good luck! There’s a specialty shoe store in my town where they take mold of your feet, taking into account how you distribute your weight, to help you find the optimum shoe. I wonder if there’s something like that in your area. Try Googling local pedorthists. Thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday.

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