Baking with Kenwood & the cat that got the cream

Baking with Kenwood & the cat that got the cream

If you were looking at my twitter and Instagram feeds on Sunday, you might have spotted that I was doing a bit of baking. The more eagle eyed amongst you might have also spotted how unusual that was!

I very rarely bake. I never seem to be able to get cakes right, so I don’t usually attempt much more than small cupcakes – and if they look dodgy I can always blame that on Daniel (which, of course, I’d never do….)

I was invited by the Joe Blogs Network to attend an event being run at the Wilmslow Cookery School by Currys and Kenwood. I did panic slightly when the invite said I’d be making meringue, swiss roll and a chocolate tart – they are somewhat above my skill level! Damian however was pleased as he knew I’d be bringing it all home with me!


Wilmslow isn’t too far so I left with what I thought was plenty of time, only to find myself stuck in the most ridiculous traffic – I don’t think I was the only one late but I did feel a little flustered when I got there. However I grabbed my spot at a bench with some other lovely ladies and had a look at the mixer in front of me – I later learnt that this was a pretty impressive bit of kit being a Kenwood K-Mix. It it also super easy (and intuitive) to use.

 kenwood kmix review

The format of the day was quite relaxed – we were given a demonstration by the cookery school then in pairs we set to work using the Kenwood K-Mixers and made our meringues first of all. I have to say meringue is something I really steer clear of – I’ve never had the luxury of a mixer like this so it’s practically impossible to make meringue. The K-Mix, of course, made short work of it and before we knew it, Angela (my partner and blogger over at Angela This is Life)  and I were piping teeny tiny meringues onto a baking tray.


Next up was making the pastry for the chocolate tart. I confess to being the person that always buys pre made pastry, but having seen how simple it was to make in the K-mix I’m tempted to try myself. The top tip of rolling the pastry out between cling film was brilliant and I will definitely be doing that next time around! Anyhow, we set to work making the dough, and by that I mean I left Angela to this as she seemed far more competent than me! The pastry was fab and it was popped into the case and left to rest in the fridge.

Next up was when we got to see the K-mix really doing its stuff – we made the sponge for the swiss roll. The vine below shows the K-mix going from minimum to maximum speed as it mixes – it really is quick and very impressive and made such light work of things.

The sponge was then laid onto a baking tray and popped into the oven. When it was ready we then turned it into the most amazing strawberry and cream filled swiss roll. It was divine and looked superb.

swiss roll Kenwood kmix

The chocolate tart filling was next and required an eye watering amount of cream and chocolate – it smelt amazing and every bit as rich as it looked. This was poured into the pastry case (which had been baked) and looked superb when it was finished.

Chocolate Tart using kenwood kmix

The chocolate tart tastes every inch as good as it looks. I would love to say that the swiss roll does too, but sadly I didn’t get to try any of that…. our silly cat decided he would jump up and help himself to the cream on it (he is, quite literally, the cat that got the cream) and had got half way across the top of the cake when I found him (not looking the least bit guilty either I might add). So, the children and Damian had a slice each and we had to dispose of the rest. Damian thought it was so lovely he was off looking at how much the mixers are…. so at least I guess it gives me the perfect excuse for treating myself to a Kenwood K-mix…..

Thanks to the team at Joe Blogs network and Wilmslow Cookery School for organizing and hosting this event and to Currys and Kenwood for the day. It really was an excellent day and I’m glad I got to push my baking skills with the Kenwood K-mix.



  1. 4th August 2015 / 11:29

    excellent – think your Mum should get one of those as well

  2. Pat
    4th August 2015 / 20:17

    Wow. The K Mixer looks the business. I love the colours. I think I’ll be having one of these. I’ve already checked out the prices. The swiss roll and chocolate tart look amazing. You’ve made me want to get baking.

  3. 4th August 2015 / 20:42

    Love your write up! And seeing your piccies are making me regret eating my chocolate tart SO quickly haha Don’t think we got to officially meet on the day but likng your blog 🙂 Karen x

    • 10th August 2015 / 07:38

      thank you Karen – will pop over and have a read of your blog this evening x

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