Fun Learning with Monster Smash Ups Remote Control Car

Fun Learning with Monster Smash Ups Remote Control Car

Remote control cars are one of those things that are a sort of rite of passage – I can remember my brother having one as a child, and we have family who has them and Mr D has been desperate to get his hands on one, so when we were sent a Monster Smash Ups remote Control truck I knew it would be a hit here!

Monster Smash Ups Remote Control Car

There are three cars in the range, blue, yellow and red and we have the red ‘viper’ car. The Monster Smash Ups Remote Control car is charged via a USB cable (included) and it takes around 90 minutes to get a full charge. Officially it gives the car about 20 minutes of play but we have had longer than that. The remote control is powered by two AA batteries.

The Monster Smash ups are pretty sturdy and have a Duplo style feel – the car comes apart at impact (much to the children’s delight) and it’s sturdy enough to withstand the children purposely driving it into the walls! The car comes with stickers to customise it and also some cones which are useful for setting up a course for the children to navigate it around.

Monster Smash Ups Remote Control Car

The only slight downside is that the sound effects, whilst impressive are a little on the loud side and there isn’t an option to turn them down. That said it’s not the end of the world – I just leave them to play in a different room!

We have had great fun with the car and I knew it could be a great tool for some fun learning! So with that in mind I set up a little maths circuit. We used some snap cubes towers and as Mr D knocked the two towers down he had to add them together, then choose the correct cone based on what number was written in front. Then, he had to choose the right number from another section. Lots of fun and a great way of getting some learning in without them even realising! You can see more in the video below.

fun learning with remote control car


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  1. Pat
    3rd November 2017 / 08:12

    That’s great. Good fun and a great way to help with the maths.

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