Five Delicious ways to use Protein Powder

Five Delicious ways to use Protein Powder

A week or so ago I wrote that I was part way through a six-week programme working with a personal trainer. I’m now into the final week and I’ve really enjoyed it. It’s hard work, but hard work in a good way. I’ve felt exhausted and achey but I am also much fitter and stronger than I was a few weeks back, and I’ve shed a bit of weight too.

One of the biggest things I have learnt is about the importance of increasing my protein intake. I’ll admit that I don’t really keep a great track of what I eat and how much of it is carbs, protein or fat. I know that I probably eat too many carbohydrates but I’m generally pretty fit and well so I tend not to worry too much.

That said, in recent weeks I’ve made big attempts to increase my protein intake. I’ve been using some protein stuff from Protein World and have pretty much stayed to just having protein shakes – the salted caramel mix is super tasty and perfect for after a heavy gym workout. I’ve also been using the Toner Capsules which have a range of things in which are supposed to help reduce tiredness and fatigue and the Iced Peach Tea IBCAA. This is quite sweet – I tend to only drink water rather than squashes but it makes a nice change and certainly helps to have a serving before heading to the gym.

ways with protein powder

Another way I have increased my protein intake is to use a protein powder over porridge for breakfast. I’ve been using a vegan protein powder for this from Indigo Herbs. It’s an easy way to increase protein with pretty much minimal effort.

However, now that I am coming to an end of the six weeks I want to continue with my gym routine but also continue with the higher protein diet. I asked some fellow bloggers for their hints and tips to increase protein intake – here are their top suggestions:

five delicious ways to use protein powders

Clare suggests a spoonful of chocolate flavoured protein powder mixed into Greek yoghurt to stave off those sweet treat cravings – plus getting that protein hit too. I liked Phill’s suggestion – freshly homemade soup blended up – simply add a scoop of unflavoured protein powder and you’ve got yourself a protein-laden meal – how easy and how had I not already thought of this?

I loved Laura’s suggestion of adding a scoop of protein powder to Greek yoghurt with some desiccated coconut for a snack – this sounds delicious as does her suggestion for a breakfast smoothie –protein powder with almond milk, a banana, oats, chia, flax and a shot of coffee.

I think my favourite suggestion though comes from Arabella – a super smoothie -simply blend a banana, two spoons of live yoghurt, a spoon of peanut butter, a teaspoon of cacao powder and two scoops of pea protein powder – one to try soon I think!

What are your favourite ways of increasing protein intake? Leave me some suggestions to try in the comments below


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