My First Sweatshop Running Club Outing

My First Sweatshop Running Club Outing

After completing the We Love Manchester 10k run on Sunday morning I wanted to up my running in a bid to make my next 10km run much faster, and under that 60 minute mark.

I’ve seen the Sweatshop running club stuff a few times and it looked like it might be a good thing for me to join. They claim they are the fastest growing running club, and this evening when I went there as a beginners group heading out (three people) plus the group I was joining. I think two other people were fairly new to the running club too.

What I liked was that when running with a group it always seems that bit easier to run for further and longer. I also liked that it was a very inclusive group. That lady that took the group made sure we understood where we were running to and the ‘rest point’. There were two ladies who were slower than the rest of the main group but for those that wanted to we could loop back to at regular intervals to run with them (and increase our own distances) or you could wait and rest.

It was good to run with a group tonight as it meant that I could go running down through the woods and fields; places I wouldn’t run to on my own.

The group was to run a max of 5km tonight and with looping back to meet the slower ladies I covered just over 6km which I was really pleased with. My local groups meet on a Monday and Wednesday and I hope to get to one a week. You can find details of your own local Sweatshop running club here. If you’re looking to get into running I’d really recommend it – there’s no charge and it was an enjoyable run this evening.

sweatshop running club

On the days I don’t run I want to try a few other things. I have been doing the 30 Day Shred DVD which is hard work but good fun and I want to go swimming once or twice over the summer. I really enjoy swimming and it’s a great workout. If I happen to get a day to myself I might go for a daytime swim – make the most of the time!

I’ve tried plenty of things over the years, yoga, interval training, swimming, weight training and the such but I think running and swimming are my favourites in terms of the way that it enables me to clear my mind and feel like I’ve really worked out. I do like the idea of HIIT training which seem to be one of the latest fitness trends. For now I will stick to the DVDs and running!

I find that using things such as Map My Fitness are really useful to keep a log of my running and swimming etc – it’s very satisfying to see the miles mount up over the months. I use it when out walking and running (it links to my Garmin GPS watch) and I think that using that really helps me push my distances on each time I head out.

map my fitness

I am toying with the idea of signing to to a 10k run in September and I eventually want to run a half marathon, but need to think a bit more about that. I’d love to the do the Cardiff half marathon at some point in the future; but that is a longer term aim.




  1. Pat
    15th July 2015 / 20:27

    Well done Sarah. That’s brilliant. I may join the group when my toe is healed x

  2. Tony
    15th July 2015 / 21:26

    Nice one

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