A Year of Geo Journey

A Year of Geo Journey

We have gifted a year-long subscription to Geo Journey but were not asked to write this post


Over the last twelve months, you may have spotted the Geo Journey subscription box on my Instagram feed, and referenced in my home education monthly round-up posts. We finished the journey just after Christmas and I wanted to share on here what we have thought of it, a year on.

I like subscription packs like this as it is great to have something to go to, all contained in one package for those rainy days or when you just want something quick to fill a bit of time. Daniel and Emma have certainly enjoyed seeing their monthly Geo Journey package arrive and have delighted in following the adventures of the two characters, Atlas and Geo. It’s been great to watch them as they engage in the various bits and pieces as they arrive.

The Geo Journey package is well thought out; each month a letter arrives detailing the adventure that Atlas and Geo have been on that month. The letter contains some key facts about the country they’ve visited as well as detailing a bit about their journey. There’s an activity booklet for them to complete, some photographs, a fact card, stickers and a souvenir.

There’s a map that comes with the first pack where you can chart the journey of Atlas and Geo, and a passport to add stickers too as well as a travel book to stick in the various postcards and photographs.

What I have liked about the Geo Journey boxes is that it’s enabled me to start new projects with the children; helping them to look at different countries and to talk about how those countries are different from our own. Daniel was fascinated with Japan and writing in Japanese and both the children really enjoyed trying to get to groups with the origami tasks. They also really enjoyed the Brazil box and it prompted a lot of discussion about the Rio carnival and we enjoyed watching the videos from there.

Geo Journey has been really good for Daniel and Emma and they still enjoy looking through the letters they were sent by Atlas and Geo as well as the various souvenirs. It’s a great subscription pack and I love the Easter themed one they have available too.

geo journey subscription box

You can subscribe to Geo Journey here.   There are various options available from a one-off to a monthly payment. As you can see from the pictures you do build up quite a collection across the year. I would love to see the Geo Journey extended to take in more obscure countries. It understandably sticks to popular and well-known destinations but it would be great to see Atlas and Geo visit some of the African nations, Asian and South American countries and I can certainly see there is scope for this to have another set to enjoy, something I know Daniel and Emma would love.

If you are looking for something a bit different, there’s also a Space version available. We haven’t reviewed that one however but it looks to follow a similar format and could be a great intro to studying space.






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