4 Steps to a Fun, Toddler Safe Garden

4 Steps to a Fun, Toddler Safe Garden

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Fresh air, sunlight, and plenty of exercise are things most parents want for their little ones. Of course, without a safe and fun outside space, these things can be hard for toddlers to access. That is why it is vital to create a garden that is both fun and safe for toddlers to roam around in. Keep reading to find out how.

Creating the right foundations

First off, before you can start adding things to your garden to make it fun and safe for your toddlers, you need to take things away. In fact, what I am talking about here is the process of landscaping the ground you have to ensure that it not only looks attractive but is as safe as possible for the kids to play in.

What this involves is removing any significant hazards such as broken down walls, uneven paving, and even water features, as well as smoothing out the terrain.

Something that can make it a much better space for the kids to run around on and ride their bikes. Of course, if you are working with ample outdoor space, or with areas that need a lot of work, it can be best to get in a professional that specialises in landscaping gardens. The reason being they will have the know-how, and expertise to operate the machinery necessary to create the perfect foundation for your toddler-safe garden.

Toddler-friendly planting

Next, when it comes to gardens, they would be much fun without plants. However, not all flora and foliage are suitable for space where kids will be playing. In fact, some can be downright dangerous. In particular, watch out for plants like Foxglove and Lily Of The Valley, which can be poisonous if ingested.

Also, tall trees may seem like a great excuse to build a treehouse, but remember they will also provide tempting for kids to climb as well. Therefore getting the lower branches trimmed off to make them as safe as possible is always wise.

Safety concerns to be aware of

It’s not just plants that can present a safety concern to young children in the garden. In fact, there are plenty of other potential hazards that parents need to be aware of and minimise as well.

In particular think carefully about water features such as pools, ponds, and fountains, as even the smallest amount of water can pose a drowning risk. To make these safe, it’s wise to install a grate over open water, or chose fountains that have only a minimal trickle and that do not pool.

Toddler-friendly garden fun

Finally, if you want your garden space to be genuinely toddler-friendly, you absolutely must include some fun entertainment and play items as well.

Sandpits are always popular, as long as they have lids to prevent any animals from using them, and slides and swings can also be a lot of fun.

Alternatively, if you are looking to push the boat out, a Wendy house built from wood can provide a secluded, but secure place for kids to hang out and have tea parties. Something that makes it the perfect choice for a fun,  but safe garden for toddlers.


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