10/12 – October

10/12 – October

It seems so surreal that we are creeping closer to the end of the year – 2017 has flown by, it really has.

October has been a good month for us. The highlight, of course, being Mr D turning Five. We have had a busy month, geography seems to have been a really key feature for us, mostly through our Slovakia project for the Home Ed Geography fair which we had such a lot of fun participating in. We are also doing a group that teaches the children about historical Geography. The children are really enjoying it and learning lots through songs, and it’s triggered the idea for our next large project – The Romans.

Mr D’s birthday was a lovely day. He had a great day with his friends on the Sunday when we had a little party for him. He loved it and I hope the other children had as much fun as my three did. My mum made the birthday cake for him – Paw Patrol themed. It was as delicious as the cakes she makes always are.

On the birthday itself we went for breakfast to a local pub restaurant – something that has become a tradition now! We saw my parents, my brother and my auntie during the day. He loved it and it was nice to be able to share the day with others. He had a great day and is still working through discovering his new toys and books.

The months ended much better than it started; at the beginning of the month, the children were all unwell. We had a horrible sickness bug which just seemed to last forever. Mr H was the most physically unwell and it felt like my washing machine was never off; cleaning up the bed linen. Mr D is very stoic when he is unwell and for the best part of a week I would find him curled up asleep underneath a blanket in the middle of the floor. He is so good at just taking himself off to bed when he’s unwell. Miss E got away with it pretty much, and was just mostly tired. Somehow I managed to avoid the bug, although Damian and both my parents succumbed to it.

We seem to be all OK now as we move into November, and November promises to be fun. We have a ‘big’ birthday for my mum coming up and then the move into December and all that that brings with it. I’m looking forward to a bit of a break in November – two of our groups have a two week break and another has a week break, meaning next week I have only gymnastics and swimming planned. I’m looking forward to just ‘being’ – not having somewhere to get to and to just enjoy. I am hoping the weather is reasonable so we can get plenty of walks and the such in.

October saw two big ‘firsts’ for Mr H – first haircut and first shoes. My friend comes to the house to cut our hair, and he wasn’t too bad – much better than his older brother was with his first few haircuts! We also took him for his first shoes. He seems to be getting better and steadier on his feet and I hope to get him out walking in the local park this week. He doesn’t like holding hands though so it always feels a bit precarious when he’s walking – and he has the bruises to prove it too!

Mr D passed his Stage 1 swimming in October. This has felt like a long long long time coming, and I’m sure he was ready to move to the next stage a long time ago, but he is moved up now, and he is enjoying his Dad taking him swimming. He is growing in confidence in the pool which is lovely to see. He has also really got into Lego in recent weeks; fuelled by some lovely little lego sets he got for his birthday.

Miss E has had a quiet month. She continues to enjoy her gymnastics and I can see she is progressing well in that. I’m undecided on the competition stuff for her, but I think we have until next summer to think about that. She seems tired a lot at the moment, which I think is linked to a growth spurt or something. She tires a lot by mid afternoon and could probably do with a little power nap. I’ve noticed this month she is withdrawing a little from the Spanish and Music groups that she has so enjoyed in the past. I wonder whether it is in part that Mr D has pulled ahead a lot in recent months in terms of his ability. Natural development of course, but hard for her to position herself when she isn’t quite as able as him yet, but much more able than her younger brother. She is developing her writing though and she’s really getting to grips with that at the moment. We need to do some letter recognition stuff with her – she was quite good for a time but seems to have forgotten some of them; just a bit of practice needed I think.

November promises to be good fun. Damian and I mark our wedding anniversary as well as marking my mum’s birthday towards the end of the month. We have a friend’s birthday party and, of course, the start or preparations for Christmas time.



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