11/12 – November

11/12 – November

And here we are – almost at the end of 2017 and with it my penultimate monthly review.

November has been a strange month, and not one where I feel we have achieved a huge amount. It’s been a sort of lull I suppose as we moved away from October and Mr D’s birthday and before Christmas and all the fun that that brings with it.

November started with a trip for Mr D and I to the Tesco Farm to Fork trail. He really enjoyed doing this, and we were booked to join one in the new year, but it seems Tesco has withdrawn these now, which is a bit of a shame. We followed that up with meeting up with friends at a local park, gathering sticks and playing on zip slides and swings.

We have had a couple of lovely walks out in November, one to the Millenium Walkway in New Mills and another just the five of us in a local park, along the river. Both were nice walks and a great opportunity to get out in that fresh, crisp autumnal air – you really can’t beat the feeling of autumnal walks and my November photo is taken from our riverside walk in the middle of the month.

As I write this post I am scanning back through the notes I keep on the things we have done day to day. They’re not in any real depth but just things that I jot down as we do things across the week. It helps me to make sense of the children’s interests and how their learning is progressing. This month it seems has been a very maths heavy month. Both the oldest two are learning their times tables (or skip counting) and I’ve written a little about that here. We have learnt from two all the way way to eight so far, and Mr D is beginning to apply some of that learning when we work through the maths program we have. We have been doing a lot of maths; at the children’s request, and this has taken many different forms. Mr D likes worksheets so I often have some to hand from Twinkl for him to do. We have addition sheets, mosaics, skip counting etc. When I look back we really have worked on a lot of this over the month. The beauty of Home Education I guess is that I can focus on what the children are wanting to learn at any given time.

We have also been picking up a lot of new vocabulary at our Spanish group. There has been a focus on clothing and weather and the children have been really going well with that, working hard on picking up new words and applying them at home. I need to do a little more with them at home on that I think over Christmas to help them remember the words they’re learning.

We have also been busy with swimming lessons, gymnastics and the Home Ed football group. Both of the older two are doing well at all three, and I’m hoping that in the new year time Mr H can join a local Footy totz group as he moves his way up the waiting list. As much as he enjoys chasing his siblings around parks, I am sure he would relish the challenge of his own activities to participate in.

We have also been enjoying our music group. Mr D is doing really well with his recorder playing, and it’s encouraging me to dust off my clarinet at some stage in the new year. I need to look at finding some simple music books to refresh my memory but I hope to be able to get back into it, in some way at least.

November also saw my mum’s milestone birthday – we had a lovely family meal out and the children did really well. It was a very late night for the three of them, but they did so well and enjoyed the evening very much. We also made my mum a cake, which was a disaster! The first cake was inedible so I opted to cheat and buy a packet mix and did that one. It was at least edible, and with a bit of buttercream and sprinkles at least looked the part. Miss E did, at one stage, suggest that we just buy a cake…. at three she already knows my limited baking skills!

November has ended with illness – Mr H has had what I think is some sort of viral thing that resulted in a rash – well two or three different rashes! He was most upset and unsettled for a couple of days but now seems to be much better. Mr D, however, has now come down with a cold and isn’t too well. I’m sure they’ll get over it all, just in time for our fun December and Christmas plans!



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  1. Pat
    3rd December 2017 / 09:43

    The cake was delicious it wasn’t a disaster and to have a cake made partly by my three grandchildren is the best ever. X x

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