12/12 December

12/12 December

Well, here we are, the end of the year, and with it the final monthly update.

December has been a mixed month. Of course, the excitement of Christmas was the main focus for us, but we didn’t seem to do quite as much as I had anticipated. It seemed like for much of the month Mr H was under the weather; I suspect he had a virus or two that he just couldn’t shake. He had rashes and the such and was really quite out of sorts. Then, both Damian and I ended up with a 24 hour sickness bug and then we were hurtling into the busy time of getting everything sorted for Christmas.

We have of course been to the usual groups we head to each month, Spanish, music, PE, Football and gymnastics. We have played with friends and had a lovely time at a Home Ed Christmas party that was organised by another family. Mr D has learnt to play jingle bells on his recorder and all three are getting stronger at their physical activities and groups.

The oldest two are both progressing really well with their swimming and Miss E took part in her first gymnastics competition during December. It was an in-house competition and she competed ‘against’ two other girls her age. She enjoyed it I think and she is certainly getting stronger and we have noticed an overall improvement in her agility etc.

We have been busy heading to our local library this month for storytime and to borrow new books – we have had a lovely selection of Christmas books. The children really enjoy heading to the library and it’s somewhere we like to spend time in the colder, wetter months.

I had my birthday in December too which was a rather quiet affair. I don’t really do much for my birthday so as it was a week day and Damian was at work I did some shopping and had lunch with my mum and the children and then Damian and I had a takeaway in the evening. It was sadly overshadowed by some family issues and wasn’t quite as happy an occasion as birthday’s ought to be, but such is life. Later that same week we went on a Home Ed trip to the Santa Steam Train which the children enjoyed a lot! It was somewhat overshadowed by Mr H being epically sick in a supermarket cafe! He was really not righ but thankfully perked up for our theatre trip to see The Gruffalo. It was a fantastic show and so cleverly done! All three children really enjoyed it, as did Damian and I and it was the perfect start to Christmas time for us.

In the days leading up to Christmas, we had a get together at a friends’ new home – the children had a lovely time as did the mums! On the Friday before Christmas, I’d planned to get the house tidy and sorted, ready for Christmas and to get a food shop done as we hadn’t done a decent shop for a little while. Typically things didn’t go to plan and as I was on the way to the supermarket the car started displaying warnings to me, before starting to beep and displaying messages to stop driving. Thankfully a local garage was able to take a look and it turned out it was the fan belt and guide that had gone. A rather long day and a rather expensive end to the year!

Christmas itself was a quieter affair than normal. We had Damian’s sisters family around on the Friday before Christmas and then some more family on Christmas Eve so we could exchange gifts and enjoy the time together. Christmas morning was lovely – the children got to open and play with their toys, which consisted of lots of Lego building!

The rest of the time we have been just taking things slowly as well as an impromptu play afternoon with friends. All of us have needed time to recharge our batteries and just ‘be’.

I am looking forward to getting back to normality and back into the everyday rhythms…. as much as I enjoy Christmas I do enjoy getting back into our everyday groove

2017 has been a great year – and I am glad I managed to get a snap of the children and I each month – its a nice way to chart them growing up and I hope to continue to get one picture a month of the four of us2017


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