09/12 – September

09/12 – September

Well, September has been and gone. It’s been a funny old month, and I’m not sure what to make of it. September is probably my least favourite month, I spent the first couple of weeks feeling anxious. I’m not sure what it was about, whether it was the reality of not having Mr D starting school and the general ‘stuff’ around that or whether it was the changing seasons. I don’t know. I was certainly feeling out of sorts for a good two weeks, but things seem OK now.

I have been busy at the gym, and the time for me has been good; the time when I can just focus on something else. I have signed up for a six-week course with a personal trainer- two group sessions a week and one 1-1 a week. I’m enjoying it so far and it takes me back to a time many, many years ago when I used to exercise a lot at the gym. It’s a good stress release for me I find. Already I can see the difference – jeans that were once a little too tight are now almost falling off me, and I am sleeping better as well as having generally more energy – I’m not getting those afternoons of feeling exhausted which I was finding were creeping back in.

We started the month in Cardiff, visiting my Grandparents; we spent time in Roath Park, headed to the Newport Transporter Bridge and had an afternoon at Cardiff Castle. We then had a few hours at Cardiff Bay and had a short boat trip around the bay too.

cardiff castle

We got some lovely weather and the children certainly enjoyed spening time with their Great Grandparents and enjoyed staying in a hotel too!

When we got home it was time to get back into thing and we started our nature curriculum and I’ve been enjoying the walks we have been out on. We missed last week’s walk (it was pond study week) for two reasons. Firstly, the area we visit doesn’t have a pond, and secondly, we just had a lot on last week so our usual day out on the nature walk was taken up elsewhere. This coming week is Harvest Moon so I have some things planned for that. The children have really enjoyed this study so far and have had great fun exploring when we go out. We have, so far, learnt about Seed Dispersal, Minibeasts and the Autumn Equinox.

Mr D has really got to grips with reading, and after a bit of a lull when he showed no interest in reading, he has really got into it this month and can now read a range of simple books as well as some more complex ones. I’m glad he is on the road to learning to read as he is so absorbed by books and I look forward to him discovering the joy of reading a book for himself.

autumn equinox nature walk

We have been continuing our Spanish group and a couple of new people have started which has been good to see and the children are continuing with gymnastics and swimming. Miss E is still enjoying her extra sessions on a Saturday morning and is certainly benefitting from the 1-1 coaching she is receiving. I’m not sure where it will lead, but she is enjoying it at the moment so that’s good enough for us.

Perhaps the most significant thing this month is that Mr H has finally started to walk! It’s felt like a long time coming but earlier this week he took those first shaky, unaided steps and now, some five days later he is taking more and more steps together. I am sure in a couple of weeks it will be time to get the first shoes sorted for him – a true milestone! It is always so exciting this stage as the world opens up so much more for them, and their personalities really start to shine through now.

We have also been enjoying colouring in, and it is a daily occurrence that Mr D and Miss E sit with the colouring books out and colour in. Miss E has learnt to write her name (this came from nowhere completely unprompted) and Mr D is super neat with his colouring now. Mr H likes to join in too and has a box of chunky crayons to draw with. I like the drawing and colouring in as it seems to create some calm in the day, which is no bad thing.

September has been fun, and a gentle start to the autumn. We have made cakes and biscuits, spent lots of time out and about with friends and learnt lots of different things. We have read about castles, seeds and bugs. We have made new friends and spent a lot of time in wellies stomping about.

October promises to a be a fun (and busy) month. It sees us mark Mr D’s fifth birthday, Damian has some time off from work and we also have the Geography fair to look forward to that we are participating in, but more on that later in the week.

My picture this month isn’t great – it’s a quick one I managed to get a couple of weeks ago on our morning nature walk.




  1. Pat
    1st October 2017 / 19:12

    Fab. As busy as ever.

  2. 2nd October 2017 / 20:30

    Great work with the gym and fab to be seeing the results. Glad you enjoyed your time in Cardiff and that you got good weather, it sounds like you have a good month after the anxiety at the start

  3. 2nd October 2017 / 21:21

    Ooh! I know what you mean about the start of September..I was feeling super uneasy and anxious then too! I’m glad you were able to enjoy the rest of the month though, it sounds like you’ve been doing so many awesome things! xx

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