Our Slovakia Project

Our Slovakia Project

As you may know, we have been focussing on Slovakia for our Geography Fair Project.

The fair takes place tomorrow and I thought it would be worthwhile sharing how we approached the project with the children.

At the time of the fair, Mr D was 4, Miss E 3 and Mr H 15 months. Mr H didn’t really help us, preferring instead to sample the foods we made!

The children chose the country and whilst Slovakia may seem a bit random(!), it was chosen as my Dad had been away on his motorbike and the children, for some reason, were rather taken with Slovakia. I’ll admit, my knowledge of Slovakia is patchy at best so I wasn’t too sure how best to approach it.

I asked the children what they wanted to know, so they told me:

  • Some cities
  • Things that might be interesting

So… that narrowed it down! We talked about how we might learn about Slovakia, this was a good opportunity to introduce ideas about research and how and where we might do that. We went to our local library and picked up a Slovakia guidebook and I printed some blank copies of the flag for them, which they set about enthusiastically colouring in.

slovakia project

We talked about flags and how each country has a different flag and they wanted to know what the picture on the flag was.  We talked about the Slovakian emblem and what it represented and they thought that would be a good thing to share with others at the fair. So we made a cut out of that and Mr D wrote a little about the two main elements to stick onto the display.

slovakia project

I made some small lapbook style things for them to put on their display (which I plan to make available as a download soon) and we had a chat about the facts in them. I had also produced a simple graph idea for them to demonstrate the disparity in the population size between the UK and Slovakia so they were able to mark that out using the data I had provided for them.

slovakia project

My dad had also mentioned that the police cars in Slovakia were green, so I found images of the British and Slovakian police cars and we talked about how we might display those as well as the differences between the two.

We then looked at the photographs my dad had taken, and Mr D typed up on the laptop some short sentences that we wrote together. He hasn’t used the laptop for typing before so I thought it a good opportunity to encourage this.

We also had a think about what a typical Slovakian dish might be, we did attempt an apple and bread cake but I must admit this didn’t go so well, so instead, we made some Medovniky biscuits which were delicious and the children had great fun making these. Annoyingly when we came to make a second batch to share at the fair, the website I had got the recipe from initially was down, so I instead had to find another recipe which is slightly different, so I’ll wait and see what these turn out like!

Finally, I made up a blank outline of Slovakia and using the guidebook we had collected from the library, we identified some key features eg: mountains and rivers to mark out as well as some key cities. They quite enjoyed doing this section I think, and it was good to see them get better at finding the approximate areas on the blank map.

slovakia project

I’m quite impressed with how this project turned out, and I look forward to the children displaying it at the fair. I’ll either update this post, or make another post after the fair takes place.

Thanks must also go to some great companies who have provided us with prizes. Learning Resources have provided us with a number of Aqua Magnifiers and a learn about the world hot dots set. The team at BSmall Publishing provided us with three of their sticker atlases.

The team at Quarto provided us with some lovely books too – including Atlas of Adventures, Atlas of Animal Adventures, 50 States Activity Book, Illuminature, Discovery Atlas and Hello Atlas. I can’t wait to see who the winners are for these fab prizes.


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  1. Pauline
    20th October 2017 / 20:21

    Very interesting. Looks like a load of fun too.

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