Winter Gardening and Spring Preparations

Winter Gardening and Spring Preparations

This is a collaborative post

The week before last Damian had a big tidy round of our garden and it really does look so much better for it. I fully admit that I am not the green-fingered member of the family, and, thankfully Damian and Emma seem to enjoy being out there tidying and cleaning away.

Now that the trees have shed all their leaves, they have swept them up, tidied away the furniture and cut back those plants and bushes that needed trimming. The grass has had its final cut, and everything is neatly away, where it needs to be. He even managed to get lucky with a dry day and was able to jet wash the patio which has really brightened things up.

Damian (and Emma) has done a great job of getting it all sorted and I know that, when the springtime comes, it will be a relatively easy job to start getting everything ready for planting – something that he and the children really enjoy doing. And, I must admit, there is something satisfying about seeing the seeds as they grow and develop into flowers. We haven’t quite emulated our fantastic sunflowers of three years ago yet, but this year’s crop wasn’t too bad so I’m hoping next year we get another good batch too.

Next year I suspect we will have to bite the bullet and purchase a new shed – something that we probably should have done this year but never really got around to. The one we have was left by the previous owners and it’s not got much life left in it now. We might also look to upgrade some of the children’s play stuff; they’re rapidly outgrowing the slides we have so I think we might pass these on and get some other things instead.

Harry has the fab mud-kitchen that my dad made for his birthday last year and that has been enjoyed by all three of them, and we have a sandpit too. I’m not totally sure what we will get them next, but I have been taking a look at the Garden-Camping website for some inspiration about what we could do for the children and it’s given me some ideas to think about in the spring.

Our garden next year is likely to be the destination for Emma and Daniel’s first camping trip. They’re desperate to go camping – me much less so and they’re dead set on having a night out camping in the garden. I’m not sure why the garden has been chosen as their first camping destination, perhaps the safety of knowing they can always come back inside to their beds.

We have a tent that we will need to check over, but I am sure that they’ll continue to remind me and Damian about it until it happens. I am hoping that it’s not as exciting as they think it is and that they’ll soon lose interest in a proper camping holiday! It’s not really the type of holiday I want to do.

I’m glad we have got our garden in shape for the winter – it’s one less thing to think about over the coming months and means that, when the better weather comes back around again, we are in a good position to really spend some family time enjoying our outdoor space.


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