Our Easter Bank Holiday

Our Easter Bank Holiday

In our pre-children days, Bank Holiday weekends were the time to catch up on jobs at home, and just enjoy some time away from work! We might head for a drive out somewhere or have a night out or, on a nice day, head for a walk up to the local pub and enjoy an afternoon pint. Easter was always that in-between time off after Christmas and before the longer summer break. Easter was a time that marked an improvement in the weather and the turn towards spring and summer.

Now we have the children Easter is a time for family. I enjoy Damian being around the house for a few days and Easter Sunday is a day when we make a real effort to have a nice meal; we have some family around for breakfast on Easter Sunday then we tend to have a quiet day just ‘being’ together before having a nice dinner and a special Easter dessert. Yesterday whilst I was sorting dinner, Damian and the children spent some time getting ready for the better weather and getting our garden ready for spring and summer.

E is quite into gardening and she enjoys getting stuck in with digging and helping to clear away the cuttings from the various trees and bushes. This Easter weekend we have been busy planting seeds with the children – even H enjoyed getting his hands dirty with this activity. We planted the obligatory sunflower seeds as well as a mixture of other seeds that we have collected over the last couple of years. I’m not sure exactly what we have but I hope they provide a bit of colour into the garden in the coming months.

We have been busy cutting back some of the garden and Damian is hoping to get the first cut of the year to the lawn at some stage this week (and this always does make me wish we had opted for fake grass when we turfed the lawn a few years ago – cutting the grass is such a boring job isn’t it?!). We just need to treat the decking and fences and we are ready to get the garden furniture out for the summer ahead.

I am hopeful that this summer will be good – last year wasn’t great really and we didn’t get that many days outside to enjoy the better weather. The year before H was born and I was in that newborn haze so this year I am hoping we will get a greater number of warm days so the children can enjoy the garden. D and E have already got their priorities straight and have asked for the paddling pool to go up – they wanted it last weekend but whilst it was bright and a bit warmer than recent weeks, it certainly wasn’t anywhere close to paddling pool weather! E has also been busy pointing out that she really does need some new summer clothes this year – I think the shorts and dresses from last year are past their best and I may spend some time with her choosing some items for the warmer weather. That said I am not sure I quite recall children’s fashion being quite so trendy back when I was a kid!

This bank holiday has been different to those we enjoyed pre-children, but I wouldn’t swap them for anything.



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  1. 2nd April 2018 / 13:56

    roll on the better weather – been doing the same in our garden as well and need a few dry days to get the fencing done

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