The Pre-Christmas Clean

The Pre-Christmas Clean

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I think most people are familiar with the idea of a spring clean, but how many of us do a Christmas clean too? I find that it’s a key time for us to get the house sorted – we always tend to have a really big clean and tidy just before the Christmas tree goes up.

Our tree, as I have mentioned before, goes up in mid-December and just before it does we have a clearout, and really thorough clean. We tend to sort out things for the charity shops and give all the shelving and cupboard tops a good clean down. We pull out the sofas in the living room and give them a hoover and of course clean and mop underneath them. It’s a time of year when coughs and colds and bugs are all too prevalent (as we are finding out at the moment as we all seem to be constantly coughing and sneezing away). It’s really important therefore to keep on top of cleaning hands and try to eliminate any passing of germs as much as is practicably possible.

Generally, our kitchen worktops are wiped down multiple times a day, and as our washing machine is on each day I tend to throw the cloths into the washing machine in the evenings – making sure they’re not left multiplying germs on the side. Whilst being exposed to germs is a natural part of life, I am keen to keep the food preparation areas clean and we always give the fridges a deep clean down – ahead of them being packed with fresh food for the Christmas period. I also try and stack things in so that those with the shorter shelf life are closer to the front (and thus used first). I also try and keep away from having the sink stacked with pots waiting to be cleaned.

Sloane and Sons have produced a really helpful infographic which details why you should keep on top of cleaning your house. There are some rather eye-opening facts and statistics about just where germs can be found and why you really ought to spend time keeping on top of the cleaning.

So, this weekend will see the start of the big Christmas clean for us – I have a few things to go and buy from the shops and Damian is planning to start on sorting in the children’s’ bedrooms, with the plan being to tackle the living room and kitchen over the next week.

Do you have a pre-Christmas clean too? What are your tips for keeping on top of the housework?




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