Week in Books – 7

Week in Books – 7

I must admit I’ve not read as much recently as I have been. I finished Live and Let Bee by DS Nelson. I think this is independently published (I was sent it to review by the author) so it lacks a little of the polished products that you cane expect from the big publishing houses.

That said it’s a nice read and sort of ambles along, it feels very English, and I’m not really sure how to describe it other than that. There are a few quirky characters in the book and the setting is a remote island. The story is told from the perspective of the main character who is on the island to attend a friends wedding (as the Best Man). Soon bodies are found and murder is suspected…. It’s a nice little mystery that is concluded nicely.

I’ve since moved onto a book called Before we Met. This is one I picked up for 10p in a local charity shop. I’ve found it a little tedious in place so far if I’m honest and a bit drawn out in places.

Before we Met

The children have been reading plenty of books and I’ll do a separate round up post of their reads later in the week I think as they’ve had some great books recently that we have all enjoyed reading.

I’m not sure what book I will move on to next. As I mentioned in my last pregnancy update I’m beginning to feel tired again so I am not reading as much in the evenings as I had been so I suspect I might soon be swapping my books for something like cross stitching which I find relaxing. I did pick up the needle last week and made a little birthday card for Miss E.





  1. 29th February 2016 / 07:56

    Cute birthday card :o) I used to do lots of cross stitch, haven’t done it for ages!


  2. 29th February 2016 / 13:33

    It doesn’t sound like I’ll be bothering with either of those books, based on your review, although Live and Let Bee does sound intriguing.

  3. Morgan Prince
    29th February 2016 / 16:20

    I agree with Chantelle, the cover looks intriguing. 🙂 Your card looks great!

  4. 29th February 2016 / 17:46

    I quite like the sound of Live and Let Bee – I like the sound of the Englishness of it.

    • 1st March 2016 / 07:24

      yes, it is very English, It’s hard to describe but you can tell it’s setting and authors origin without being told etc x

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