Planning the Children’s Bedroom

Planning the Children’s Bedroom

I wrote a post last week about getting our home ready to welcome our third baby. I’ve been thinking a lot about the children’s rooms and how best to do these.

Mr D and Miss E will move into what is currently Mr D’s room (it is the bigger room) and will share for a period of time. I guess we will move Baby 3 in with whichever gender they match once they are ready to go into a bed rather than a cot.

For now though we need to give some thought to how we will make best use of the space for them. We are thinking that we will get bunk beds for them, and Mr D in particular is very excited about this. In an ideal, money is not object world, I would be ordering these -I LOVE these bunk beds and think they’d really work for us and the children.

bunk beds
Julian Bowen Domino Bunk Bed from Bed Kingdom


However, the reality is that we will probably get something off ebay or a local selling site instead to keep costs down. I’ve got my eye on a few things on ebay at the moment.

I’ve also been looking at these Boy’s Bedroom ideas and think they would work for Mr D and Miss E – there are some really great ideas to help maximise space and keep the room child friendly.

Miss E has spotted some Gruffalo bedding in the local B&Q so she wants that, and Mr D wants either diggers or minions. I will probably look to get them two sets each for now, and plenty of bed sheets. We will need new duvet covers and pillows too!

Our plan is to do the work over Easter as Damian has some time off so whilst Damian is doing the painting I expect I will be taking them duvet shopping. It is always good to include the children in these sorts of things and build a bit of excitement. I’m not sure where we will head to yet but I did spot some really good looking bedding on the Tesco site. Miss E would love this safari set I am sure and Mr D would love the space set too

I am also going to try and do a bit of a tidy and sort out of the toys and books. Get them a bit more organised and move some of the toys around a bit.

Do you have any tips for helping the children adjust to sharing a room or any places that you can suggest for great children’s bedding?


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