Pregnancy Update – 24 weeks

Pregnancy Update – 24 weeks

I have now (finally!) reached another key milestone –  24 weeks and the point of viability. There are, for me, a number of key dates to get to. Twelve weeks, 24 weeks, 30 weeks and 36. Twelve weeks brings with it the first scan, 2 weeks brings with it the knowledge that, if something were to happen, the medical teams would seek to help the baby in any way possible.

The 36 week appointment will always be one that brings with it stress for me as it is at that appointment I was admitted to hospital when pregnant with Mr D. Thankfully with Miss E I remained healthy and the appointment passed without anything of note. I hope things remain the same this time around.

24 Weeks Pregnancy Update

So, at 24 weeks this time I am beginning to feel the first strains of pregnancy. I am increasingly frustrated with how quickly I feel tired – we had a couple of days in the house last week as Miss E toilet trained so I decided I’d be productive and gave the dining and living rooms a very thorough clean and sort. It’s something that, on reflection, was probably a bit silly. Moving sofas and furniture around at the best of times is hard going let alone when pregnant. I certainly felt tired that evening!

We also marked Miss E’s birthday earlier in the week so I spent time tidying the house (the sort of big clean and sort out that you do when you have a house full of guests due round!) and on the day of her birthday I was on my feet from about 2pm until the children went to bed around 7pm. I cleaned, sorted, cooked etc and the next day I was beyond tired. Thankfully the children were tired too so we all managed to get a nap.

Otherwise I generally feel fine. I’ve noticed my skin in the past week or so isn’t as clear as normal, but I suspect that is to do with tiredness more than anything. I am struggling to sleep at night as I can’t get comfortable and I feel very restless. I do have a fabulous theraline maternity pillow that I won in a competition when pregnant with Miss E and that is helping. However I find myself waking up around 3am most mornings and having the most bizarre thoughts. One night last week I couldn’t recall the name of the doctors on maternity wards – I was awake for ages trying to recall the name and got so desperate I was about to wake Damian when I suddenly remembered it was obstetrician! I’m also beginning to get restless legs – something that drove me (and Damian) mad during both the last pregnancies. It was worse I think with Mr D but is annoying when it strikes.

Other niggly things I’m noticing like heartburn if I eat too late at night and constantly needing to go to the loo in the night are irritating, but all part and parcel of pregnancy. There is a lot of movement going on – and Damian can now, finally, feel those kicks and prods, he has been surprised at the constant nature of them some evenings as well as the force of them. This baby is very active and likes to change their position, meaning my bump changes shape often and throughout the day. It can be quite uncomfortable at times when I have a foot or elbow sticking out!

I am next at the midwife mid March time and then at the consultant in early April. There are a set of bloods they want to keep any eye on as they have fluctuated – something I will write more on when I have the time as it’s something I’ve been asked about via twitter.

Miss E doesn’t seem too interested in the ‘tiny baby’ but Mr D understands there will be a new baby and will often rub my tummy gently and tell me about how when the tiny baby is ready I will lift up my shirt and ‘they’ will take it out. He keeps mentioning that the baby will have a dummy. I’m not sure where that’s come from as neither him nor Miss E had a dummy (well Mr D did for a short period when he was very small but he soon found his thumb instead).  Both the children will say the baby is a girl if asked, and I think Damian think we are having a girl. I’m not so sure. I was sure it’s a boy when we first found out we were expecting but not I’m not so sure. Time will tell of course!

There are plenty of old wives tales to predict gender.  I think I’m carrying quite low which would predict a boy. Other than that though I’m not so sure. I’m now piling on weight which tallies with just how very hungry I have felt recently. I am trying not to over eat but I feel so hungry in the mornings that I’m having to eat a little more than usual.

I’m trying not to be top upset by the weight gain around my hips and thighs. I really struggle shifting weight from my hips so I was upset when I glanced myself in the mirror and saw that a dress I was wearing wasn’t quite as flattering as I recalled it to be, and when I looked properly I could see just how much extra weight I’m carrying. I put on more weight with Mr D than I did with Miss E so perhaps this one is a boy? Who knows.

I’m really looking forward to having a summer baby – I’m hoping we can have a few walks in the park, and the evenings will be light enough for me to enjoy a walk once Mr D and Miss E are in bed and set about to shifting the weight gain. I’m still holding out hope for a fitbit to help me with this…. (I’ll keep dropping those hints!)




  1. 1st March 2016 / 07:37

    I hope that your appt goes ok this week, try not to stress, I know easier said than done. And put your feet up and try and rest more 🙂 #twinklytuesday

  2. 6th March 2016 / 08:01

    Congratulations on your pregnancy 🙂 I hope your bloods don’t change too much – if that’s what you’re hoping for! Sending you all the best for your next 16 weeks x

  3. 8th April 2016 / 19:46

    I’ve been eating so much this time! Definitely isn’t worth worrying about and I hope you get your fitbit!xx #BlogBumpClub

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