Transitioning your Winter Whites into spring and summer

Transitioning your Winter Whites into spring and summer

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As I’ve said before, this year really is speeding past at an amazing rate. I can hardly believe that spring is just around the corner, which means it is time to think about updating your wardrobe again. As I’ve lost a bit of weight since last year, I am thinking about what my wardrobe might look like this year, and I thought I’d share about how to incorporate your winter whites into your spring/summer wardrobe. Most of us have tapped into the white trend, this winter. So, I think this article will be relevant to many of you.

Tapping into the upcoming colour trends

If you click here, you will see that the new colour palette for spring is quite eclectic. This is very good news because it provides you with plenty of options when it comes to blending together your winter and spring wardrobe essentials.  I am excited to try some of these brighter colours.

You will easily be able to carry on wearing your white tops, jackets and coats with virtually all of your spring clothing. This is especially the case if you tap into the spring 2019 trend of wearing beige, cream and tan.

Later in the season, you will also see dusky pinks, reds and yellows joining the mix. Fortunately, white can work with all of those colours too. So, you should have no problem in putting together outfits using clothing from both seasons that still work.

Layering is essential

Wearing layers should also help you to get more out of your winter white clothing. If there you have a top that does not quite fit in with this spring’s fashion trends you may still be able to wear it under a blouse or jumper.

Combine black with white

If you are after a sophisticated look black and white is a classic combination. There are several ways you will be able to do that over the next few months.

Polka dots

For example, you could wear your white skirt with a dark polka dot top. This pattern is set to really come into its own this spring.

Tap into the trend for wearing suits

You will also notice that there are a lot of suits available, in particular trouser suits. All dark or black suits look great when combined with a white top. Plus, on colder days, you could choose to pair the trousers with one of your lightly coloured winter jumpers.

Interestingly, all white suits are also set to be popular this summer and winter. So, it should be really easy for you to get some more use out of the accessories you have been wearing this winter.

Brightening up your winter whites

As you can see, from the above suggestions, white clothes are extremely versatile. It is extremely easy to carry on wearing them through several seasons. But, after a few washes, white clothes can start to look a little grey. If that has happened to some of your favourite winter whites, I suggest

that you read this article. It explains in detail the best way to keep white clothes looking bright.

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