When everything is Instafabulous

When everything is Instafabulous

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The older two children have weekly swimming lessons at an inner-city swimming pool. It’s in one of the less sought after areas of Manchester; certainly not one of the many wealthy suburbs that surround the city. We love the lessons and the town, despite it’s reputation is fab, with a thriving independent market in the spring and summer and lots of fabulous and unique shops.

Some days, when I am at the pool a little early, or when I have Harry napping in the car, we will wait in the car park for a little while, listening to an audio book or one of our Spanish stories. I like to people watch and about once every six weeks or so, a group of young lads will turn up with a car and start taking pictures of it, posing away and taking snaps from all manner of angles. The cars are never the sort of car you’d expect to be Instagram worthy; often resembling my own first car (a canary yellow Corsa) or, if they’ve moved up a bit it might be an old model Fiesta.

It always makes me smile as I watch them snapping away, posing on top of the car and against the car and I wish I could see the final shots when they’re filtered and edited.

The team at https://www.tyrecity.co.uk/ have produced an infographic (which you can see here) which details the most Instagrammed cars in the UK as well are some helpful tips for taking an instafabulous shot of your car. Gone are the days of your car simply being outside your house and a quick snap- it’s all about lighting and location and of course, the right angle these days!

I’m not sure my seven seater family car which is always in need of a good clean will ever be one where people tell me to #InstagramYourCar but it serves a purpose and it does make me smile to think how times have changed, and how different my car is now.

Back when I first got on the road I had a scooter, then a motorbike. I soon moved up to my Corsa. The Corsa was a money pit and after multiple problems, I traded it in for a Ka. I loved that Ka. It was such fun to drive and I’ll always recall the time Damian made it leave the ground as we were driving through Scotland! It was a fantastic little car and the lack of boot space was an easy compromise to make for the fun we had driving it.

After the Ka, I changed to a Fiesta which really was a lovely car, and we only changed from that when Daniel arrived and we needed a five-door vehicle instead. Next up was the Meriva before finally moving onto our seven seater Citroen.

I wonder what my own children’s transport choices will look like. I can’t see the love of cars continuing – they’re increasingly expensive to drive and of course, the environmental impact is well known. I am sure whatever the transport choices are, be it electric cars or other, there’ll be new ways to show off their set of wheels on whatever the Instagram equivalent is in 15 years or so.

Do you have an Instagram worthy car?


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