7 / 52

7 / 52

It’s been a lovely week this week – helped of course by the wonderful Spring-like weather we are enjoying! It’s been glorious and we have all enjoyed being outdoors a little more this week.

What I have read

I have to admit that I gave up on The Single Mums’ Mansion – it wasn’t a great book and I was putting off reading as I wasn’t enjoying it. I did start and finish Some Kind of Wonderful by Giovanni Fletcher. I haven’t read any more of Julia Gets a Life on my Kindle this week but I did finish listening to Billy and Me by Giovanni Fletcher and started a new audio book too, White Lies by Lucy Dawson.

Total books read this month: 1

Total books read this year: 4

Audio books listened to: 1

Where we have been

This week we seem to have shaken off whatever the bugs were from last week. We have had fun playing on scooters and bikes and spending time at the park with friends. We did find some painted rocks whilst we were there too which is always fun.

The children have enjoyed playing out in the garden this week too, and I can see they will be out there a lot once the weather is much much warmer. Usual groups have taken place this week too and H won the player of the week trophy at football.

Miles Run

This week has been much better for running. I’ve managed eight miles this week, and hope to add to that later this evening with another 4 miles once Damian is home from work. I am still massively way of track in terms of reaching the 50-mile target but I am confident I’ll get there by the end of the month – a couple of longs runs my be in order!

I’ve really been enjoying the gym this week and can see some real progress. I hit a bit of a wall at the end of last month but having had a couple of programmes to work through when I am in the gym has really helped me regain focus.

Miles Completed this week: 8

Miles completed this month: 14.32

Miles left to target: 35.68


This coming week is half term, which means that our usual groups are off (except swimming and H’s football) and it’s a very busy week… and it also signifies Emma’s birthday too! So exciting days ahead for us.


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