Toddler Activities – Learning about the body

Toddler Activities – Learning about the body

I had planned that our learning theme for November would be ‘the body / all about me’. However, I find that we are almost at the end or November and we have done very little on this theme.

For around 4/5 weeks the children just haven’t been right; I’ve not been quite able to put my finger on what was wrong other than Mr D having a bit of a cough or them both seeming sleepier and more irritable than usual. Whatever had been lingering finally hit Mr D min month, Miss E later that week and me towards that weekend. It’s only today, near the end of the month, that they both seem back to (more or less) normal whereas I am still just full of it and just feel incredibly tired.

So, basically, that’s my excuse for not really doing much on this theme. I haven’t had the energy in the evenings to plan activities and during the daytime I’ve found it hard to keep the children engaged, and I don’t want to force them to do something; I want them to learn in a fun way.

We did however manage a weeks worth of activities at the beginning of the month, so I have shared them here. This is a topic I am going to return to with them in the new year as there is so much we can do.

We started the learning by looking at this skeleton that came as part of a ‘See Inside the Human Body Set‘. The skeleton is great and was a lovely way to introduce the children to the idea of bones and what is underneath their skin. They enjoyed looking at the heart and lungs within the skeleton and we had some lovely conversations to start introducing the ideas of how they work and what their function is. We used balloons to replicate the lungs as we breath in and out.

learning about the body pre school

Mr D has been recognizing that he and Miss E have different colour eyes, and that he is bigger than she is so I thought I would make some paper plate faces with them. This was such good fun as it was a good way for Miss E to demonstrate her knowledge of body parts – she can tell me her eyes, nose, ears etc and we got to talk about different colour eyes and I also began to introduce the ideas of senses – so eyes help us see, our ears help us hear etc. We are a long way off this making any real sense but it’s never too early to introduce ideas like this.

learning about the body pre schoolFinally, we have been taking a look at the a lovely book called See Inside Your Body – this is full of little flaps for the children to lift and is brilliant.

learning about the body pre school

Mr D has been particularly interested in the bladder section – and will now tell me that his bladder is full if he needs a wee! We used this alongside a sticker book all about the body. Both children really enjoyed this and again this was a lovely activity to do with Miss E – she actually knew a lot more body parts than I had realised. This is a great book and it’s one we will be looking at again this week as I want to look at the page on senses with them both.

learning about the body pre school

So, that pretty much sums up our work so far on the body. I had intended to do much more – things like getting them to count their toes, count their fingers, as well as taking their height measurements, measuring their hand spans, feet etc. I also want to get the height of family members and create little cut outs so we can do some size ordering. Those are just a couple of the ideas I have – and we will take a look at these again some time in the early new year.

What other activities have you done with pre-school aged children to help them learn all about themselves and their bodies?

December will of course focus on Christmas. I want to introduce the Christmas story to them, and of course do lots of Christmas crafts with them!

Resources and ideas for learning about the body with young children (toddlers and pre schoolers )


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