Superhero Lapbook with Juniper Jupiter

Superhero Lapbook with Juniper Jupiter

Short project lapbooks seem to be working well for the children and me at the moment and I’ve been keen to look at ways we can incorporate more of these into our weekly ‘work’.

We have been reading Juniper Jupiter this last week and I wanted D and E to have a think about what makes someone super. They’re not massively into superhero’s and the such but they really enjoyed this book. I must admit the author, Lizzy Stewart, holds a special place in my memories as we read her first book, There’s a Tiger in the Garden the day before H arrived and it holds some lovely memories for me. We read Juniper Jupiter, and used it as inspiration to make our own superhero lapbook

Juniper Jupiter tells the story of a real life Superhero who is searching for a sidekick. She can’t find anyone who is just right but… just then she find THE PERFECT sidekick. I wanted D and E to think about what made someone super. We talked about kindness other qualities and, with a bit of gentle nudging, they were able to come up with plenty of ideas about what made someone super. I asked them about what made them like their friends, and how we feel when our friends act with those qualities.

child writing on teacher board

After we had identified the qualities that made some one super, we looked at the people who we thought were super. Happily mummy and daddy were the first answers. E tells me that Daddy is super because he changes the lightbulbs and I’m super because I do lots of things like make their lunch. It made me smile.

Amongst other super people, thye identified their Grandma and Grandad because they play jewellers with them (a game where the children set up a jewellery shop, my mum comes to ‘buy’ things then my dad appears as a robber and steals things. Much hilarity ensues). They then also listed doctors, nurses and midwives, police officers, fire officers etc. I was really pleased they could identify a range of people who help us and the reasons they’re super.

We then collected this all into a lapbook. I cut a rough cape shape and they decorated it. In hind sight I perhaps should have put out some fabric pieces and other things to make it a bit more superheroish as they just ended up drawing lines on it. But they enjoyed doing it. We then used some of the inserts from Home School Share to write the superhero qualities onto and the people we think are super.

Next we filled in a super me template as I wanted the children to be able to identify their own super qualities. Next they created their own super hero. D created the Monkey Maker – special powers being that they ‘magic monkeys to people who are sad’ and E created the jumping gymnast who jumps over baddies.  We then finished with some activities from Twinkl including a wordsearch, a counting sheet, a graph and a fill in the missing numbers worksheet. We collated all these into our superhero lapbooks.superhero lapbook insert

This was a lovely activity to do over an hour and nicely linked to the book. Afterwards the children got out a sand art thing they got at Christmas and set about creating all sorts of things with that, and continuing the story of their own superheros as they played.

superhero themed graph

I really enjoyed linking this lapbook to the Juniper Jupiter book and it was good to get them to think about the book a bit more too. I’ve included below links to some superhero themed resources that might be useful if you wanted to do your own lapbook and also some ways to extend the work that we did.


Extension activities

  • Draw pictures of your superhero
  • Make a comic strip for your superhero – this is something that D and E have done in the past and loved.
  • Write a longer story for your superhero
  • Use story prompt dice to make up a story out loud about your superhero
  • To develop maths get the superhero to skip count through a maze
  • Look at some of the characters in Juniper Jupiter that try out for the side kick job; invent a back story for them; how did they feel when they didn’t get the side kick role? Did they become a super hero anyway?



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