Christmas Crafting with Baker Ross

Christmas Crafting with Baker Ross

As we have been inching towards December the children have become more and more aware of talk about Christmas time. Our tree tends to go up quite late; well I don’t consider it late, but it’s late by other people’s standards as my twitter and Instagram feeds have been saturated for a good week now with images of trees and decorations!

Mr D has been asking about things like when our tree will go up, and will it have a star so last week I relented and we started on our Christmas crafting.

The team at Baker Ross had sent us a huge box of goodies a few weeks ago so the children were straight in there – barely able to contain their excitement. We had already had a play with some fab foam stampers a few weeks ago so they were keen to try these again.

baker ross christmas foam stampersWe were sent two sets, the Christmas stampers and snowflake stampers. I think these are brilliant value at just £3.99 per pack (there are ten in a pack). They are a lovely foam that are great for the children as they are easy for them to hold. We cracked open the paint and set up some large sheets of paper for the children to play around with.

I’ve got a fair collection of paint now, and tend to usually use Mothercare paint or Tesco paint; Baker Ross did send us some paint and they were are great. The bottles are larger (600ml) than those I get from Mothercare and Tesco  and the paint is really good quality. A pack of six is £8.99. The colours are rich and the paint is washable so cleans up off clothes, tables and hands (and hair….) easily.

The key to using these is to not put too much paint on them – I put the paint onto plates for the children to use. Mr D is much better at using these; he is less heavy handed than Miss E is. Miss E had much more fun rubbing them across the paper! She played with these for ages which gave me opportunity to have a go myself.


I think using these on some brown paper would create a lovely set of wrapping paper and it might something I look to do with the children next year when they’re more likely to be able to stamp them a bit more neatly!

baker ross christmas foam stampers

We also had lots of fun with these Christmas wreath fingerprint kits and they will be going on our Christmas tree when it goes up in a few weeks. This is a simple but really effective little kit.

christmas fingerprint wreath

There are six to a pack and you get two little ink stampers. I was surprised how quickly the children picked up on what they were supposed to do to decorate the wreaths but they did and they loved it. You can add a picture into the middle but I quite liked them without the pictures in and they’re a good size to hang onto the tree. These would be nice gifts for grandparents I think.

christmas fingerprint wreath

Finally, we painted some tea light holders – these are remarkable value at just £3.96 for four. We painted them with ordinary poster paints and they are lovely. Miss E had great fun with these when we did them and the results are really pretty. They look lovely and it’s nice to have a little personal piece from her.

baker ross tealights

There are four tealights in the pack – all different designs and some lovely Christmas themed ones (trees, snowflakes, stars). Add a tealight and you have a lovely little gift.

baker ross tealights


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  1. 1st December 2015 / 21:07

    I love those stampers Sarah, they are really cute and would definitely make nice wrapping paper x

    • 5th December 2015 / 12:38

      yes, I think we will do that next year – we bought a lot of wrapping paper in the sales in Jan so have more than enough for this year x

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