When your car is subject to a product safety recall

When your car is subject to a product safety recall

When you come home to a letter informing you that your car is subject to a product safety recall your heart sinks.

We rely on our car a lot, it just makes things so much easier with the children – getting to the shops, to playgroups etc is just so much easier if I can jump in the car rather than having to wait for the train or mess around on buses.

Meriva recall

The safety recall on our car is to do with an issue with the seat belt, and it should be straight forward to sort out (although there has been a saga with all that which is for another blog post). It got me to thinking of all the things that I guess I just take for granted with my car. I’ll admit I’m pretty lax on these sorts of things – it has it’s MOT each year so we kind of just assume that things will be picked up there, and of course they are, but really, as we move into the colder, wetter and potentially frosty weather I thought I best give the car another check over. I didn’t want to find myself taking my car into the garage to have the seat belt issue checked to only find out that I need new wind screen wipers or the lights replacing! Especially given it’s going in just before Christmas when finances will no doubt be a bit tighter.

Lots of garages such as Kwik Fit or Halfords will do a free winter safety check, and it really is worth doing if you’re a bit like me and not on top of these things. The AA produce a really helpful checklist of the things that you should take a look at on your car – to help ensure it’s in good condition for the winter months.

The other thing too that I always do as we get into December is throw blankets in for the children. Their winter coats are very bulky and so aren’t suitable for use in their car seats; however I don’t want them to be cold. Coats are therefore removed and placed in the boot and they have snuggly blankets to tuck them into to keep warm. I also make sure that my phone is pretty well charged (and there is a USB cable in the car too to charge it whilst I’m out and about) just in case we break down and need assistance – it would be awful if it did happen, but even worse if I had to find a phone to use!

The biggest thing for us though are the tyres. We recently had a flat tyre – we had driven over a nail. Thankfully the tyre could be repaired so it only cost a small amount to have that fixed. However, had we needed to replace it we would have looked at Point S to see the cost of new tyres from them. They have a wide range of centres to have the tyre fitted at so we would have found somewhere quick and convenient to take it to.

I’ve had a quick check of the car since the letter arrived, but will do a more thorough one with Damian this weekend, making sure the tyres look OK and try to work out which light is out – we have an error code appearing but haven’t yet pinpointed which light appears to be faulty. I’ll also have to dig out those blankets for the children as we are definitely in winter coat weather now.



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  1. Pat
    26th November 2015 / 22:03

    Good preparation for winter. I’ll check this website if we ever need new tyres. It’s a good easy to use website.

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