Thunderbirds are GO

Thunderbirds are GO

My Dad has always been a bit of a Thunderbirds fan, and a month or two ago he entrusted his own Thunderbirds toys from when he was small to Mr D and Miss E. Since then, they’ve both been pretty engrossed with all things Thunderbirds.

We managed to spot three Thunderbirds toys in a charity shop window so I was encouraged to part with some cash and buy them. They were promptly whisked off to my parents to live on Tracey Island, which they had made with my Dad one afternoon. You can read about that here.

When I spotted a call out for people to review the F.A.B (see what I did there…..) Thunderbirds costume from Pretend to Bee, I knew there’d be a small boy who would be rather excited to wear this!

Thunderbirds dress up

We picked up the costume from the post office last week and it’s been worn almost every day since. This is a pretty good costume with plenty of details. Mr D has shown off the costume in this video over on my Instagram.

The costume is well made and the sash along the front is fastened with velcro. It fastens at the back with a few velcro tabs, which means Mr D is able to get this on himself without help from me. There is also a cuff to fit which again is a velcro fastening.

thunderbirds dress up

There is a little button that fits onto the underneath of the sash which, when pressed, counts down. This is lots of fun and Mr D has played with this lots, whilst speaking into the ‘radio.

This has had a lot of wear over the last two weeks and the costume is still in good condition. There is the odd pull where the velcro has caught but that’s to be expected. It’s stood up to some pretty good play and still look good.

thunderbirds dress up

We will be wearing this this Thunderbirds day and, I am sure, watching old re-runs and playing with the toys they have. Are you doing anything for Thunderbirds day?


I was sent this costume for Mr D to try. All words, images and opinions are my own.




  1. Pat
    30th September 2017 / 08:37

    I love it.

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