The Best Dinosaur Books for Kids

The Best Dinosaur Books for Kids

The next mini-project that the children will be undertaking is one all about dinosaurs. They haven’t yet chosen the dinosaur(s) they’ll study, but this last week we have been digging out our favourite dinosaur-themed books to take a look and decide what they’ll focus their projects on this time.

I remember being endlessly fascinated with dinosaurs when I was younger, and it’s definitely a subject that has come in and out of fashion for Daniel and Emma (and I am sure Harry too in time!).

I thought I’d share some of the books the children have been enjoying this last week for any other dino fans out there.

The first one we looked at was a new one called Dictionary of Dinosaurs by Dieter Braun. This is a fabulous book that provides a really comprehensive guide to every (discovered) dinosaur. There is a lot of information about each dinosaur, including details of where they lived, what they are and what period they lived in. The artwork fan Dieter Braun is fantastic (I am a huge fan of his work and have a couple of his other books on my Christmas wish list). We particularly like the little guide that helps to illustrate just how big they were compared to humans.


The Fascinating facts series from Collins has been good to leaf through and Daniel has picked up bits and pieces from this; it’s definitely one for slightly older children and I’ve noticed that Daniel engages with this more, now that he can read independently and it’s always interesting to see what information he has retained when he links it back to something else he is reading.

The 100 facts series from Miles Kelly are always good for starting projects and finding that little thing that will grab the children’s interest and help them get into the subject, and the Dinosaurs edition is no exception. These books are as they say – 100 facts about dinosaurs – there’s a lot to help grab a child’s interest, and I think it will be this book that will help Em narrow down the choices for her project.

We have also been revisiting the wonderful Atlas of Dinosaur Adventures as Daniel has toyed with the idea of doing a project about dinosaurs found in a specific part of the world. As with the other books in this series, Atlas of Dinosaur Adventures is a large oversized book that really invites the reader in and it’s lovely to watch Daniel as he sits over it, reading through the snippets of information. I’m trying to get him to them cross reference this to the Dictionary of Dinosaurs to see if he can add in additional information; it’s certainly something we will work on in the coming weeks.

The final book we have been looking at this week is a new one called When the Whales Walked. It’s about evolution and follows 13 case studies – the one we have been looking at is about how dinosaurs evolved into birds. I really like how the information is presented – lots of cut outs of information to dip into, as well as explanations as to some of the science behind what we know. It’s very beautifully illustrated too by Hannah Bailey (I’ve not come across her work before but will take a look out for it in the future). There’s a lot of information packed into this book and I think it’s one we will use for a few other topics in the future.



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  1. Pat
    19th December 2018 / 09:10

    I love the dinosaurs. I’m looking forward to seeing their projects.

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