Watching the Aeroplanes Pass

Watching the Aeroplanes Pass

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It’s been so cold this last week, and the boys have both been battling illnesses; Daniel has had a terrible ear infection and H has another bout of conjunctivitis. It’s really feeling wintery and as I was walking around this evening in the rain whilst waiting for the older two to finish their Spanish class, H and I decided to head into a cafe for a hot drink. As we drank our hot chocolates it did cross my mind that it would be lovely to just book a holiday to somewhere warmer at this time of the year. As much as I love Manchester, endless rain can be a bit depressing at times.

When we went on honeymoon we came back about 10 days before Christmas, and it was fantastic. We had been to Australia and the heat and vitamin D had done us wonders; it’s really hard to stay positive when it’s relentless rain and endlessly cold and I remember that that winter was much easier having had that extra month of warmth.

On the way home from Spanish, when we were crawling in the rush hour traffic, the children were watching the aeroplanes as they were coming in to land at the airport. They were asking me where the planes had originated from, and we began to create stories of the places they may be travelling from.

Daniel’s plane was travelling from Spain (obviously given his love of Spain!) and we talked about what the weather might be like there at this time of year, and they told me some of the traditions in Spain at this time of year following their Spanish class. Emma wasn’t too sure where her plane might be travelling from – basically where lions live. Again we talked about what the weather might be like there, and how it might differ from home. We decided that the planes probably don’t land in the savannah plains because it might ‘scare the lions’ so we talked about some of the countries that you might fly to (and it’s given me an idea of doing a bit of a bigger project on Africa with them later next year).

When we got home the children were still talking about where the planes might be travelling to and from as they spotted the lights overhead (we live close to Manchester Airport) and we talked about the different types of holidays people go on, and where and how they travel. We talked about cruises and coach trips, camping breaks and train journeys and I showed them pictures from when Damian and I went on trains in Russia and Australia.

They are fascinated with the trains and loved talking about this as I told them about the Russian trains and the beds that were on them, something they thought was very funny!

We then talked about some of the places Damian and I have been on, holiday too before they were both, the City breaks and tours. We haven’t been on many beachside breaks and although we did toy with a Ski Package Holidays we never quite made it. The children have decided that next year, they’d really like to go camping (which I’m not terribly enthusiastic about!) and maybe choose some cities they’d like to go to.

Daniel really wants to go to London again, although I’ve now discovered this is because he wants to watch Tottenham (or more accurately, Harry Kane!).

I hope we manage to get to Liverpool and explore there a little next year and I’m keen to head up to the North East and visit some of the castles and places of interest up there. We might get overseas at some point, but need to balance that with some of the exciting family events we have next year.

In the meantime, I’ll try not to get too down about the wet and cold weather here at home, and instead look forward to planning our break away next year.


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