Travelling the World through Travel Guides

Travelling the World through Travel Guides

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Are you the same as me? Trawling through travel guide after travel guide in search of that perfect holiday that you spend almost the entirety of the year saving up for?

I thought so.

Settling on one destination can often be a nightmare as all the family has different ideas on what constitutes the perfect holiday. Some want sun; others prefer the city and, perhaps, none of the above. This is where you come up with various different options that you weigh up and consider the pros and cons of each before eventually deciding on which destination to head off to.

It can feel as though you have travelled the world through travel guides alone.

The Things You Need to Consider

The ideal holiday comes down to a number of deciding factors, determined by your current situation. What can you afford? What interests do you have? Is there anything you particularly want to do? Are there any cultural customs that you need to be aware of? Do you have young children? If so, will the holiday be suitable for them?

And so on and so forth. You get the idea. There is a lot to consider when booking a holiday.

Your budget is, arguably, the most important deciding factor as this ultimately dictates where you can afford to travel to, as well as what time of year – something that parents with school-aged children know all too well. If you are travelling on a tight budget, that might mean more exotic locations such as Australia and the Caribbean are out of the question.

The time of year is important not just because of the costs involved in travelling at a particular time of year, but also because of the local climate and holidays. For example, you wouldn’t necessarily want to travel to the Middle East in May or June as temperatures regularly clock north of 30°C which, especially for young kids, is very, very hot.

Also, much of the Middle East will be fasting during Ramadan, which is when followers of Islam abstain from food and water as part of the religious festival. It is also popular for Muslims to pay zakat at this time – you can see here if you are unsure of what zakat is. Before travelling, you will want to educate yourself on any cultural practices in the area so as not to come across as disrespectful in a foreign country.

Pictures and Reviews

Travel agents will always try and sell a holiday, talking up the good points of any resort while brushing over the negatives. The best way to get a feel for a city and/or holiday package is by reading customer reviews and looking at any pictures that have been posted – here, you will see both the good and bad.

It is important to remember, however, that customers are more likely to leave a review if they have had a negative experience, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of positive comments, either. If there is a running theme to any complaints, or even if the tone of any response from the holiday provider isn’t too your liking, it might be best to look elsewhere.

Shop Around

Shopping around different holiday providers is always worth doing as you are almost certain not to get the same price from anyone. Variables such as; nights, board basis, flights, dates, hotel and more all make for a different price to your holiday. Even then, you can potentially find a cheaper price for exactly the same holiday…just don’t continue looking after you have already booked if you don’t want a nasty surprise!

By the end of it all, you feel like you have already travelled the world just by looking through countless travel guides. All that is left is to actually board the plane!


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